Globalemits April 2017

April 2077

Sat Apr 15 2077

The Warrens, Smoky Hills

Masked Shadowrunners and street fighters blitz a Shape13 powwow near the north edge of Smoky Hills. Blood spills on cracked cement sidewalks. Magic sizzles Shape13 ganger's skin to a boil. Drones from above drop stun rounds on a few holdouts. Their flags are torched and enslaved prosties set free.

Word reaches Red, an ex-Wuxing Mage and de facto Shape leader. He knows what this is from corporate days: A hostile takeover. The Silver Chain surrounds Red and they go to ground through a series of safehouses - better to fight another day. Hours later, new gangs creep into the empty territory to fill the void.

Sun Apr 23 2077

Cheynne // 'The Cut' neighborhood // Sioux Nation Capitol

The hot push of wind didn't help. Radioactive leftovers from a 20th century Military base find. A density gauge. Some semtex. Enough PR to handle the rest.

The carbomb was pretty big - police were on site within ten minutes. Internal car-based detectors went off. Then the news went into their own kind of cycle. Maybe a blip on News62 - "dirty bomb".

Sioux military rolled in and quarantined most of southern Cheyenne's bad neighborhood. Agitated civilians shot and killed. Witnesses said a few elves were spotted nearby and a female human in "gang clothes" before the bomb went off. 23 killed in auto-accidents attempting to get away from the site.

No known motive. A similar bomb went off in Salem, Tir Taingire two weeks ago. So it goes.

Mon Apr 24 2077

Various Locations: Tir Taingire // Cal-Free Disputed Border // Denver

A whirlpool of refugees form from two separate conflicts. They amass at the disputed borders of Tir/Cal-Free:
Saito and his forces push metahumans through a meat grinder. Lugh Surehand's Peace Force combat Rinelle Ke'Tesrae in Euegene. In Salem, a dirty-bomb found before it ignites - similar in make to one that exploded in Cheyenne.

In Denver, corporate intrigue and smuggling runs abound. Blood in the proverbial boardroom, as the news increasingly focuses on smoldering gang disputes in Aurora.

Finally, in the CAS District, a handful of arms dealers, fixers, and brokers are found dead or have gone missing.

Sat Apr 29 2077

The Warrens // Aurora, Orktown

Nigel Greenwich oversees an empire of dirt. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions from all manner of unified and cohesive criminal and extralegal activity. His rule is fair, but ruthless. The money flows into his pockets and flows elsewhere. The natives grow restless after so many skirmishes. The man's rarely seen - a phantom, a legend, something Horsemen's girls whisper to their ork litters. "Drink your clean water or Greenwich will slit your throat like Goblin Yells."
Rumors grow of expansion outside the walls of the ghetto. Murdered fixers and mobsters given tribute and Lone Star "taken care" of.

Sat Apr 29 2077

The Warrens // The Rez // The Souk and Souk Diner
The peaceful Saturday night bazar is interrupted by someone tossing a plastic grenade into the middle of the area. "Bomb," someone shouts. As people run, the gunman sets up a light machine gun atop the Aurora Project. He sights a trio, two men and a woman, sitting across the street at the Souk Diner. One of them senses something and quickly overturns a table.
The belted LMG burps bursts of gunfire - shattering the windows, the overturned table, and a local fixer and ex-lawyer to shreds. The last flicker of Mouse escapes from her soul as she collapses into a bloody rag doll. The gunman smiles.

Sun Apr 30 2077

Kate Mustaffah, aka 'The Griffin', watches her staff load the goods onto go-fast boats floating in the Wilamette River. Firearms, rare magical items, cred sticks containing contact info all destined to be smuggled into Denver.

The powerful dwarven businesswoman and arms dealer checks her watch - right on time. In a week, she'll be hosting a 'fundraiser' for people in the know. Shadowrunners, fixers, Johnsons in an undisclosed location. Security still must be arranged - can't have any disturbances. She feels Petunia, her pet Hell Hound, nuzzle against her shoulder. Kate thinks of someone she'd love to feed to Petunia before putting that wish away.

Sun Apr 30 2077

Two magically talented shadowrunners combine their prowess and knowledge to pull off a rescue mission: From a hundred miles away. Through a process of elimination, ritual linkage, and spent focuses they figure out the location- Cheyenne.

Now, any run runs into complications - in this one, it turns out that the target, one Henry Knox, is both unconscious, has had a hand chainsawed off, is locked in a shipping container, and is chained down to a block of concrete. But the mighty stone form of Mr. Terrific's summoned elemental can snap those chains, break open the doors, and the ally spirit is strong enough for a fireman's carry for the flight back home - leaving only one problem - the missing hand.

Sun Apr 30 2077

Mr. Terrific mindlinks back -

"Greenwich can tag Knox back with that hand if he wants. Let's get him under a Ward strong enough that no spell gets through."
Nine has just such a place in her surgery theater - so convenient! She takes place of his gross injuries while Mr. Terrific summons his full complement of elementals, plus his ally spirit, to stand guard.

It'll take a top-level sorcery team to work up a spell strong enough to get through that ward, and if they do, they'll have someone waiting.

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