Globalemits November 2017

November 2077

Sun Nov 26 2077

Unknown Private Location // Shadow Medical Clinic

Derek Simpson's skeletal aged body hangs by a thread. A whisper close to death - too many late nights boozing, too many drugs, too many years in The Life, and most of all too many years pissing off powerful Shadowrunners with long memories for grudges.

Surrounded by a loyal soldier form the scene of his crime, he passes from one plane to the next. His eyes narrowed in disgust.

In an adjacent room, Apsanu Innocentu prepares a statement and casts his spiderweb wide. The shadows splinter as chess moves begin to be made.

News62 Breaking News - Derek Simpson - Dead at 62. The alleged mobster, Denver lawyer, and popular "local" character has succumbed to his injuries. A statement provided by his estate ,quote, "The man may be gone but his memory lives on in the hearts of Innocent, Sucreasi, & Associates. Lone Star's lead investigative officer, Captain Denise Fairmount, could not be reached for comment.

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