Globalemits November 2017

November 2077

Mon Nov 6 2077

Heather Gardens is the scene of mass protests, gunfire, and confusion as prisoners are forced into territory controlled by The Royals. Well armed Lone Star HTR teams disperse through the area making quick work of the initial Royals resistance.

Just as the chips seem down, the Saints come in as the calvary. The Alliance stands relatively strong still. Gunfire crackles in the immediate area, bodies drops - prisoners, passerby, gangersLone Star remains hunkered down.

Mon Nov 6 2077

Within this Chaos, a motley pair of runners stand up for injustice.

Slinger, erstwhile friend to The Saints (or are they The Saviors now?), acts as producer with his cameraperson, Caranthir, in tow.

Slinger activates his network of contacts, hes good enough to get even Saints leader, Gabriel, to the front lines of The Struggle and to speak on camera and inspire a few more locals to join in the violent protest.

Were not the Stars garbage dump. Were people. Theyre treating anyone suspicious like an animal! the ganger states. * BLAM! BLAM!* Gabriel fires a Ruger Warhawk into the air towards a passing Lone Star Helicopter.

Caranthirs shaky camerawork is like an old-school gonzo journalism piece. First hes in an alleyway, then hes on a rooftop. Angles and angles and angles of deplorable acts in the name of keeping the peace.

Mon Nov 6 2077

Royal Gardens // The Warrens

Slinger indicates to Gabriel that theyve gotten plenty of footage. The Saints move up, flanking the prisoners who are now running en masse between both sides of the conflict, like an inhuman version of Hot Potato.

Slinger, thank you for this, weve been through so much here-

A shot rings out from somewhere nearby.

Mon Nov 6 2077


The Gunman exists for no reason but his own. A spiritual anarchist or an eager opportunist? He lives today, like so many other days, to upset the balance.

His scope zooms in upon Gabriel and another man, a short elf with various electronic equipment strapped to his torso. A shock of spiky blonde hair whips in the cold air. They are both tucked behind cover with no one watching them. Talking about something. Who cares.

The Gunman exhales and feels the cold-rolled steel trigger press inward into the extremely powerful sniper rifle. One more powerful leader down.

But in a nano-second glitch, this damn elf steps in the way. His right shoulder nearly explodes from the APDS round, he collapses onto Gabriel, protecting the man.

Mon Nov 6 2077

The Matrix // Knight Errant - Denver PLTG // Prisoner Processing Server

The Praying Mantis stealthily eludes and suppresses more IC in a half second than most wannabe hot dog deckers can in their lives. Follow the bread crumbs and it's a cake walk.

The paydata the decker seeks is encrypted behind several Tarpits linked to scramble.

It's crystalline claw whacks at the layers of Tar and quickly downloads the file: It's not all there, but it's corroborates collusion with representatives for the Denver Council and higher ups at Lone Star.

The decker quickly jacks out, when several Lone Star deckers arrive on scene. They're not fast enough to trace him, but in the lightning fast combat they score a hit - sizzling his program.

Mon Nov 6 2077

News62 Special Bulletin: Chaos in Aurora?

Stringer Matt Degrassey accepts a file from his runner contact, a smoke and mirrors kind of guy who liked to be called "Chess". Matt knew this could be a risk for his career and he wanted a good amount of money to keep his mouth shut. And now he will.

The file is a carefully tailored on-the-scene documentary of the last few months in the Warrens. The depravity, the siege by law enforcement causing food and power shortages, the struggles of regular people. It's interspersed with very recent footage of police abuse (as well as violent gangs attacking both prisoners and Lone Star) both in the Warrens and in the CAS district. Inset images of Knight Errant internal memos between Director of Operations Christine Tancredi, Lone Star Denver Chief Quint Donaldson, and both UCAS and CAS Denver Council representatives.

Live polling shows a sudden decrease in police approval as the video is transmitted to local affiliate broadcasters.

Mon Nov 6 2077

The Warrens, Sunrise District // Reyes Territory

Several reporters arrive on the scene, UCAS side with help from Conchita's shadow network and gang connections. Slipping past the UCAS highway and into the Warrens proper, Conchita demonstrates to the reporters prisoners wounded by police, gangs, and other less savory types.

A zonked out trog high on BTL's jumps out a second story window and in front of the local Sunrise Soup Kitchen. He tears the skin from his face revealing cybernetic plates. "I AM KONG!"

As the journalists cower, Conchita levitates the troll and fires off a thunderclap sending him nearly a full block south into Blackheart territory. She looks at the group and warns them all: "This isn't what you do with the sick and the violent. Tell your story, please." The ten cent tour is enough conviction for these folks. Depressed at how things have gotten worse, not better, since Greenwich's demise she quietly enters the soup kitchen.

Mon Nov 6 2077

Bull Run Shopping Complex // West Aurora, Southern CAS District

The shoppers scream and duck as bullets fly. Glass shatters.

The shooter remains unseen. The getaway driver freaked out and peeled off. That many bodies will do that to you if you aren't cold blooded. On foot, the shooter hits transmit and destroys the pocsec. Good luck….

Mon Nov 6 2077

News62 Broadcast

You're listening to News62!

"Conflicting stories start to appear tonight. Police abuse in what locals call the Warrens? Crime has been down since Kate Mustaffah's tragic death this summer, but at what cost? Our News62 Insta-Poll, powered by Warp Drive Systems, is showing an alarming decline in police approval as video shows many low level arrests are being dumped into un-patrolled areas I-I'm sorry…we're getting breaking news."

It appears there's been some kind of terror attack at Bull Run Shopping…I'm being told it's at least 30 deaths so far. Terrible news, obviously thoughts and prayers with the victims….

A Distorted Voice plays over the reporters' audio: "You cannot be everywhere at once. Either protect the SINners, or abuse the SINless. The choice is yours."

Mon Nov 6 2077

The Warrens, North Central District Royals Territory

Lone Star and Knight Errant pull back, as though someone's ordering them on the other side. Slowly leap frogging back to the Aurora Perimeter.

Under the cover of night, and magic, a White Hat Squad of runners are here to reallllly realllly fuck with the powers that be.
Billybob, rotocraft-man extraordinaire, pilots an Ares TR-55T Tiltrotor with Nine, Mr.Terrific, Naomi, Myobu and Tamara on board. Cargo includes staples and sundry goods.

Through a combination of massively powered magic and technology they operate the equivalent of an invisible gunship. Why not donate all this power and money into a public trust fund instead? No fun!

As former prisoners run south through Heather Gardens towards Mission Hills, they're scooped up by our motley crew. Unfortunately, a few stragglers wind up prisoners/slaves of the Sinners and Mercy watches from a rooftop who's handling her future goods here. She doesn't like who she sees.

Mon Nov 6 2077

The Warrens, North Central District Royals Territory

Several run'n'scoops later the team of runners head northward with their last half dozen of thankful nutcases, petty criminals, and actually innocent folk.

Knight Errant's Mage Squad aren't pleased with disturbances they're noticing on the Astral Plane. One of them sees something, but does not say anything. Leverage is better than violence after all.

Mon Nov 6 2077

UCAS FTZ // Knight Errant Press Office.

The video(s), the polling, the gunfire that can be heard surrounding the Aurora neighborhood. This drek has got to stop. People are on their feet. E-Signs are being made. In the UCAS FTZ a hundred protesters are making their way towards the Knight Errant PR offices.
"No justice, No Peace," is shouted in unison. "What we want?!" "Resign!" "When do we want it?" "Now". Somewhere in the crowd, a talented hooded man crafts a spell. Garfield smiles and pushes the mana from his fingers into the mass of protesters.

And then the needle drops.

The mob's mood goes dark/violent/spooky. Bottles and cans and makeshift pitchforks are thrown in multiple volleys at armored glass. Business alarms go off and cages go down as 100 protesters go wild in the FTZ with little security present.

Mon Nov 6 2077

When the dust settles on this fall night, Operation "Firebreak" is deemed an utter and total disaster. Meme's go out in the trix of "Erranting" from the mild destruction that happened at Knight Errant's PR office. UCAS and CAS judges work overtime to pardon prisoners and prevent lawsuits.

Lone Star Denver Chief Quint Donaldson will drink his scotch, email Elizabeth Kalheim his resignation, and stick his Ruger Thunderbolt in his mouth.

Christine Tancredi's politicking costs her inside Knight Errant, but there's potential with Quint's death when contract renewals start.

News62 initiates a series of exposes on "over-responding" to the summer gang wars. In time the Warrens will calm down and realign along forged alliances.

Lone Star and Knight Errant make a public show of pulling back from storm-trooper like tactics along the Aurora border, but you can't be too careful. In other words….thanks to the actions of some runners, life can go on.

Tue Nov 21 2077

Stage Perilous // CAS FTZ //

The club was humming and the clientele was high powered. The Ratio Head had requested a meeting before a small sale of arms to discuss certain financial issues. The clampdown from Lone Star was making it even worse.

The family was in a pickle. But Derek Simpson, the thin reedy and tempermental (and temporary) Don of the Ratto family knew something could be cooked up. The law offices of Innocenti, Ratto, and Sucreasi could write off most of the debt in the next quarter.

And then, as luck would have it, a familiar mercenary to the shadows spikes the ball and rakes the Don with gunfire.

Wed Nov 22 2077

McAffrey Towers // Stage Perilous // CAS FTZ

Lone Star crime scene, major crime, and homicide divisions work hand in hand slowly going over every inch of the "Thanksgiving Day Massacre".

Orders from on high are to take the investigation with extreme caution. Overtime is granted for any and all threads to chase.

And yet, there's already several prime suspects and witnesses. Elsewhere, Lone Star's Interim-Chief of Denver, Rayland Heart, holds a holopic of his mentor Quint Donaldson and begins to form a statement in his mind.

Wed Nov 22 2077

Phone Call // UCAS District// Jeremy Falloon's Office.

Mr. Innocenti, I'd like to offer our sincerest condolences in this matter at hand - Elizabeth and I are both aghast at this. Uh-huh. Right. Well, I appreciate all the help your law firm has provided to charities over the years, but let's not play games shall we? It's been well over a decade since you're…friends…have been in the news and now, with everything else that's happened? Hmmm - I'm very disappointed. Uh-huh. Excuse me? No, no, no- you don't get to insinuate anything you prick, you will /grovel/ in the court of public opinion. Now, think of a quiet solution, and get back to me.

Fri Nov 24 2077

News62 // Local Trideo

The Interim Chief for Lone Star delivers a dry speech on News62 following the shoot-out at Stage Perilous. The gist? They got some suspects, they got some witnesses, they got some camera angles.

The Ratto Family's mouth is wired shut for now, not a peep from La Cosa Nostra - but the Orgs are always patient, until they aren't.

Fri Nov 24 2077

Unknown Private Location // Shadow Medical Clinic

Aspanu Innocenti and Luther Sucreasi sip highballs in the antechamber of a private facility. Somewhere down the hall a man clings to life, even with the best medical and magical medical care, the body decays at it's own pace. Eventually, it all catches up. At least the best security money can buy is around this time.

"Falloon's not happy," Aspanu states.
"Is he ever? We're not making moves in the street. Drek, look what happens when we are. We're a news cycle away from memory, and then we can do our thang capo di tutti capo." The onyx colored ork raises his glass in a toast.
Aspanu frowns, "Lucciano's bound to be back soon. Funneled bail through his laundromat. I passed word through some cutouts- tribute, time, and attention will be on his docket."
"You think he's in on this?" the ork underboss asks.
Aspanu shakes his head. "Too dumb. No, Derek's flash and deficit were bound to catch up. But thing is, that's MY deficit that's owed to me. Simpson can't cash out until I'm cashed in." They go back to drinking in silence.

Sat Nov 25 2077

Sioux FTZ // The Rumble Pit // Colorado Blvd UnderPass

The young punks shift like waves in an ocean of trash. The winner of this small ocean leads the tide, until a new wave comes to crash.

A gutless low level nothing fixer handled the bets while recycled and found food becomes new haute cuisine for small shopping carts. The vendors used lead paints, red dirt, and pigeon feathers to make their mobile station unique. Scenes like these were likely to one day be heralded on some News62 Trideo program on "Street Food 5.0"

Sat Nov 25 2077

Denver Afternoon News // News62 Denver Affiliate // Reynaldo Cortez Hosts

"Lone Star has released video from the attack at Stage Perilous: People drink, some local shadow folks mill about in the camera angle. A group of men in suits walk up to another group of men in suits. Derek Simpson sprays blood as bullet wounds appear on his body out of nowhere. His cadre spray'n'pray. Glass and bodies are ripped through by bullets. The club triggers gas and the bulk of the patrons go down, a few manager to escape in a haze of cordite smoke and neurostun gas.

Lone Star releases photos from the bar just prior to the shootout: A few possible familiar faces - shadowrunners - among them. TIP LINE 1317, Cold Hard Credsticks For Positive Leads. Knight Errant releases conncurrent statement throwing shade on the rival security company.
BB media/13 for more info.

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