Globalemits September 2016

September 2076

Sun Sep 4 2076

The Warrens, Location Unknown.

Mercenaries load crates of gear in and out of a temporary sight. One pallet contains specialized gear for sale to the highest bidder this evening. Legwork's paid off for a few in the know looking to acquire or gather intel on a mysterious arms dealer by the handle "Greenwich".

Mon Sep 12 2076

News52: Se'har Maer issue press release and official statement condemning a recent magical-based forest fire in the Mount Shasta area.

…The Rinelle ke'Tesrae claim to act in the interest of the average citizen, yet again and again they strike at the very heart of our country and hurt those who we all can see require a helping hand. Hestaby is a Keeper of Metahumanity. This was a shameful, cowardly act of aggression toward the Council who have everyone's best interests at heart.

Fri Sep 23 2076

Salem aka Malek'thas, Tir Taingire. Early Dawn. A jet fighter strafes the low buildings just outside the city's downtown core. Elven businessmen and women look up as it buzzes low, sound waves crack against the glass windows. It dips low, strafing gas along a boulevard west-bound. It picks up speed, twists, and buzzes low to avoid radar. Gone in an instant.

Wed Sep 28 2076

Denver Local Server, Trix Stock Market, Tir Taingire Night Trades

In a surprise last minute buy, Telestrian Industries purchases the last vestiges of B Level corporation Svoboda Enterprise, swiping the devalued stock (from a high of 23=Y= to less then .02 per share) in a reverse swap against several Saeder Krupp securities "accidentally" marked for public trade. The chatter that there securities, speculative economic instruments, were the result of a recent shadowrun. Svoboda Enterprise is now no more. The CEO, Sergei Besbelov, still missing.
Pequod Holdings, the former controlling interest in the company after Yamatetsu's sale releases a terse but satisfied statement on the trade.

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