Globalemits August 2016

August 2076

Tue Aug 30 2076

The Cybered Arms, Warrens.

Rumors swirl about something that went down. A group of orks taken out by a hooded male figure inside the bar, a seconds long fight broke out all at a time surprisingly not very well populated. Outside- some kind of kink bomb goes off killing a woman and a man. Keegan drew down on the perpetrator and threw him out.

Tue Aug 30 2076

Warrens, Location Unknown.

Trucks are unloaded onto pallets, then split amongst cars and slamvans. Greenwhich rubs at his face, tired after a long day negotiating over mainframe access to high end weapon systems in the Middle East. He thinks about the last two incidents- a run of bad luck. For himself, and for the individuals crossing him. They remain unknown to him, for now.

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