Globalemits March 2016

March 2076

Mon Mar 28 2976

Various Denver News Programs//Widely Viewed

Inset image from a simsense rig, first person view: Peqoud Holding's CFO/Pres Emil Toriq getting a blurred out lapdance at Stage Perilous. Svoboda Enterprise President Sergei Basbelov drunk in a corner seat.
Queue up rough audio, "Krychek's barely working, we're frauds but rich frauds. Do you love me? My wife hates me."

News52 coverage on potential SEC violations. Svoboda stock nose dives. Rumor is all is not for loss. Krychek chip's got potential, in the right corp hands. Ares, Aztechnology, and others sharpen their knives. The leaked video? Unknown source with unknown vendetta. Sergei Basbelov whereabouts unknown, No comment from downtown PR. Pequod Holdings lawyers up.

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