Globalemits March 2016

March 2076

Tue Mar 1 2076

Denver FTZ, Atzlan Corporate Offices, Late Night.

Two executives, one male and one female, fight over stock numbers.
"Juan, do you understand we need to make a big splash? Like a grande mierda splash, comprende? Find something that we can sink our R&D budget into. Si?"
The male executive nods, "Minor company, Svoboda has something. PR Campaign trying to attract buyers. Might be something. I'll look into it - quietly." They switch topics to take out options…

Fri Mar 4 2076

Denver FTZ, Svoboda Offices 2nd Floor, Early Morning.

"I don't care Emil, we're moving forward with the announcement tonight. The Krychek chip is going to open the fragging money gates here. Ares is dying to steal this away and I will not have my ass handed to me without so much as a severance package. I- we- have worked too hard. We can pull this off." Sergei Basbelov ends the telecom call. He checks his wall safe and opens it a smidge. He reaches in and takes something from it and heads home for the night.

Fri Mar 4 2076

Aztlan Sector, The Burnsley Hotel Fuego Del Alma

Mr. Juan Eduardo Garcia Ruiz becomes Mr. Johnson. He put out a call to a contact of his, a man named 'Stills' who (per his finders fee) would put Juan in touch with someone who could 'take care his itch' he needed scratching. Stills had an odd sense of humor. Juan orders two tequilas with his chorizo and sausage and waits nervously.

Fri Mar 4 2076

Aztlan Sector, The Burnsley Hotel Fuego Del Alma

Stills, a local Denver fixer, put a call in with a man of many stealthy talents. Some said he had a Zen like focus when it came to planning and executing jobs. This one had to go right and he knew just the right people. The data chip had taken care of surveillance, but the Johnson had newbie written all over him.

Sun Mar 6 2076

Sunday Morning Corp-Talk Shows // Technology Piece

"…And back from the dead Svoboda Enterprise have, entered, the cybernetic market with a bleeding edge chip design. Called the 'Krychek Chip', it can enhance speed and reduce costs for C2 brain-decks and even standard consumer decks. Plans for E3 are cemented…but will Svoboda sell out before then? Next up….

Mon Mar 7 2076

CNN - Tech News

Handsome newsman Harold Smith stands with Sergei Basbelov on an empty stage. Behind them sits a woman, her eyes closed and body relaxed, in a lab coat laying on a medical bench. Various machines are hooked up to measuring brain activity. A projection shows her point of view - a private host in the matrix.

"..And so you can see" Mr. Basbelov explains, "The Krychek chip's biological based interface greatly enhances response time with minimal invasive surgery. We're talking multiple applications. There's much interest in the patent rights."
"But the rumors of how you got something so experimental….so quick to market," Smith replies.
Sergei Basbelov chuckles lightly, "Hard work. Only hard work."

Thu Mar 10 2076

CrossCat Office's R&D Division, Seattle Office

Cynthia Hallston chews on a finger nail after hitting send on an email. She contacted the Denver mage hoping for confirmation and some background on a rumor, but after watching Svoboda's televised demo it was all but confirmed. The Krychek chip was the real deal.

Thu Mar 10 2076

Aztlan Sector, Burnsley Hotel Room 212

Juan Eduardo Garcia Ruiz sips fine tequila and looks out the window from a "preferred customer" room. Special Division had apartments like these sprinkled throughout the complex. Safe houses, pied de terres, secretary frag pads. He impulsively checked his phone to see if the runner Zen had called.

Fri Mar 11 2076

Sergei Basbelov's private residence.

The team met just before dusk, the target's owner was working late. His wife and son were at home. She was asleep in her room, the son laid awake watching a trid despite house rules.
The group levitated across the street to the roof of the condo. Two guards on break, chatting maybe and then darkness. Tranqed without seeing anyone. They missed the alarm on the skylight and tripped it. Onigumo and Katral managed to fake the occupants out with a convincing voice change. Katral shorted out the alarm and they got in.

Fri Mar 11 2076

Scurry, eager burglar, set off an internal alarm movinga painting away from a wall safe. Security triggered - the decker managed to get the data off the telecom. Conchita set up a hearth spirit to trash the place, an easy cover story, freaking out the son in his room. Security arrived quickly storming into the house - but it was too late, the team had left via invisible spells and levitation.

The call was made with the Johnson. Chrome Dance Club

Sat Mar 12 2076

Denver FTZ // Atzlan Corporate Offices // Weekend Conference Call

Juan Eduardo Garcia Ruiz looks over specs for 'Project Phoenix' with his senior executive, Ms. Meija. His boss is skeptical at the results. "What the frag did we pay for? This looks like it barely can run on it's own."
"Look at their trial data, clearly off the books Yaritza."
The woman looks into the vid-screen, "How long till IPO goes live?"
"Could be any day once they realize someone's got spec-data. Should we move on replicating? Or…the other option?"

Sun Mar 13 2076

Wall Street Journal Live Report // Denver RTG // Widely Known Information

Svoboda Enterprise's brief demo of the new biochip, "Krychek", on CNN ignites the dynamite stick. Security is brought in from Russia, under a new subsidiary Prochnost LLC, and their corporate regional headquarters undergo security hardening.

By mid-day the stick has exploded, a soft launch of their IPO. Stocks are zooming from 0.60 =Y= to 7.10 =Y=…speculation is rampant. Pequot Holdings managed to retain the lion's share still. Rumors on the veracity of the Krychek chip abound. Ares, MCT, and Aztechnology ramp up research and PR campaigns for potential buy outs. Talk of closing out the week at ten, even twenty per stock (demo pending), once the IPO's news breaks on Monday. Then again…talk is cheap.

Tue Mar 15 2076

The Warzone // Denver Warrens // Widely Known Afterwards

They were two newbie runners, like, off the boat. Kray worked it out- the stacking of the C4. Lilith kept watch. The Johnson needed them to send a message, but Kray wondered if there was maybe a little better way to deliver it. Money's money though.

Tick, Tick, Tick. Boom. The building, a four story semi-abandoned apartment block used as an occasional fight club and drug den, crumbled into itself. Dust, glass, timber, brick, avalanches towards the city streets. Windows and cars shake. People oh-drek. Some people were going to be pissed.

Sat Mar 19 2076

Chrome/CAS District/ Widely Known

The night was thick with dancers, and alcohol and smoke. An arms dealer, a Johnson off for the night…friends from the old days before a doublecross. Words are exchanged at a booth. The Johnson dies. Another gangster fires shots. The entertainment attempts to keep the screaming crowd calm. More rounds are fired. People evacuate as Chrome's quasi-legal security comes on line.

The swelling masses begin to retch in the building as nauseous gas activates. A few shadowrunners escape with questions and answers. Chrome's clean-up crew means it's closed for business for the rest of the week. Dangerous days.

Thu Mar 24 2076

The Warrens Rez Shoreline

Fuzz Ears passes along the latest news concerning a fuel dump over the Quincy Reservoir via the Daily Buzz. Word gets out via texts to the Project Manager of Haven Island and Warrens-based runners with vested interest in purified H2O.
Swiftly gathering near the Rez shoreline and are met with a dismal scene: the eastern section chemically contaminated by a kerosene stripe which extends out 200m east over derelict buildings and unsuspecting homeless.

Fuel dumps usually vaporize? How did this happen? A sharp warning, then sniper shots ring out! A young man with an Ares affiliation shouts towards the sniper's nest. Their rooftop perch is yanked up into the sky and brought down, raining concrete, garbage, and two riflemen to the runners below….

Thu Mar 24 2076

The Warrens//Rez Shoreline (Continued)
The sniping duo land hard with broken ribs and a busted cyberleg between them. Their cries of pain quickly silenced by an angry and powerful punch. Another woman, a Latina, heals the other perhaps for interrogation. More runners appears for Team: Clean Water.

Two more targets are captured through applied magic and crack shots. The runners drag their four captives to Haven Island for more patient 'questioning'….

Fri Mar 25 2076

General Knowledge, Media, Widely Known

Svoboda's Krychek chip is celebrated by days end in corporate media and tech blogs: A 'hail mary pass' desperately needed to keep the company from going under in debt. By week's close the stock is bustling at 40 =Y= per share. Critic's point out few demonstrations and shoddy background research, but hype is king in the news. But in the shadows…things are moving rapidly.

Fri Mar 25 2076

CAS District, Somewhere near Pentabucks, FLASHPOINT ACTION

Tanya Heriot, a magical 'consultant' (among other talents), watches Svoboda' s stock online. She's got some business training, and she's heard some of the rumors. Only a matter of time until boom becomes bust. Without a horse in this race she shrugs and calls up Tony Marchino, Mafia fixer and Detroit expatriate. Let's buy and sell while it's hot.

'The number's make sense, kid. Lemme finagle something without putting you too much in the limelight,' says Tony.
Hey it don't always work out. Tanya gets some scratch, but Tony called Joe Bigs Chiozonni, who called his cousin who works as a PA at a local news station who needs a story…you know how it is.

A news story later and Pequod Holding's watches from afar.

Fri Mar 25 2076

CrossCat R&D Offices Seattle Division

Rumors of Cross' interest in the Krychek chip have been circulating, leading some to believe that they may even have their hands on a prototype following the recent unconfirmed whispers about Sergei Basbelov being apprehended by a team of shadow operatives. Whether this is true or just hearsay, the Quebecois tech corp definitely seems to have something up their sleeve. The corp purchases 5 of stock - funny, the same amount Ares just lost. Corporate skirmishes are getting more complicated now.

Fri Mar 25 2076

The Warrens/CAS Borderline // FLASHPOINT Action

A dead Johnson's lost suitcase. A kid grabs it, then it's traded to a silent partner to a popular dance club. He's connecting the dots with the help of a german, an elf merc, and a mysterious psionic.
Joey Lucciano removes the Allegiance Alpha from the retrieved suitcase. »DOT.MATRIX WUZ HERE« reads a half-burnt inscription on the outer red shell.

Deep in his hidden reinforced steel safehouse he pours sweat and effort into recovering as much raw data he can from the beaten core. As he attempts to cypher what's been discovered, Starks begins formulating a plan of what to do with the hidden treasure bytes.

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