Globalemits Dezember 2016

Dezember 2076

Sat Dec 3 2076

The Matrix, Various Hosts

Katral surfed the neon grid, a name burning bright in the memory of his cyberdeck: Kate Mustaffah: Somehow connected to Greenwich, somehow connected to everything, or so his line of thinking went.

Scrubbed from the trix? »Impossible«, he thought. Hours in meatspace feel like days in Matrix space. Node, after node, after node. A bread crumb here, then another there. He hits paydirt sleuthing archived Shadowland posts. There it is: Twenty years ago, on a thread about Portland fixers. He copies and gracefully logs off a happy Katral.

Sat Dec 3 2076

CAS Sector, The Cool Cat

Pico was something of a unique individual in the shadows. A wholesaler for information, sometimes a piece of information or paydata to trade or to sell, and the occasional connection- to a job or someone else. He scratched his aging paunch and checked his watch before heading into his favorite Denver jazz club, The Cool Cat.

Getting out of SF was tougher than last time, and he'd be heading to Seattle next to meet with Clockwork, a powerful Barrens fixer. But the layover due to the Tir border closing was useful, he'd heard a lot of things were changing here in Denver. Time to see what, if anything, was true.

Sat Dec 10 2076

Tir Taingire, Portland, Royal Hill, Council Building

Dar Varfen, Council Prince, receives an encrypted message on his personal telecom from Aidan St. James, a Royalist and honorary Prince. Should someone read the text, it simply confirms he's doing fine and that he's acquired a new stamp for his collection, which he intends to have evaluated at a Portland port business and confirm is not a fraud. He then sends a message to Larry Zincan, UCAS envoy.

One word: Yellow.

Sat Dec 10 2076

Tir Taingire, Portland, Royal Hill, High Prince Quarters

Sean Laverty sits uncomfortably on a distressed post-Desert Wars leather couch in Surehand's private office quarters. He stares at the human form of Lowfyr and listens to the projected thoughts as they settle into and the High Prince's mind.

"There is great evil loose, much like the Seattle event in twenty years ago. I will need resources and, in exchange, I help you. With a seat on the Council, of course. And Hestaby off."

Wed Dec 14 2076

Shadowland, Misc Datastore, Corrupted Audio Leak

Male Voice, middle aged 07:01»The effort's spreading nicely, but hasn't peaked.

Female Voice, also middled aged 07:01:16»Dog barking, Indistinct background noise Operation Scorpio's nearing limit and Maverick's going off-script these days.

Male 1 07:01:28 »Office background, indistinctOff-script? Or improvising? We made the de-

Female1 07:01:32»Don't use specifics. Scorpio begets Trouble In Paradise. Find more mouths to feed. I'm leaving for REDACTED now, stay sharp.

System»07:01:38 End Of Call

Sun Dec 18 2076

Denver Warrens, East Side, South East Warzone.

The cold is almost unbearable. Winter in Denver is like a air spirit's idea of a prank. Local gangs knuckle down to hold territory, but the cold keeps the skirmishes to a minimum. The working poor and the underclass breath a collective sigh of relief, those lucky enough for work passes to the various sectors look forward to heated workplaces. Witht he market in this area cornered

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