Globalemits November 2016

November 2076

Sat Nov 5 2076

"Checkpoint Charlie"// I-5 into Durham-Portland //Widely Reported

A large heavy industry truck sits idling in the Commercial lane as Tir Peace Guards sweep vehicles. Idle camera's capture data across various spectrums. Unseen watcher spirits and surveillance drones provide back-up and alternative security. And that's on the outer gate.

The truck revs's its engines and peels forward. Warning shots, and then kill shots are granted from the Guard-post. The truck barrels forth ramming cars off the bridge, but trips a sensor plate just inside the gate. The plate lifts off - flipping the truck slightly up and then onto it's side. Guards position around the truck. "Undesirables" rubberneck from a holding pen. Cars beep impatiently. A second later, the back of the truck cab explodes killing the driver and crumpling a portion of the Wall. An Acetone-based fire burns hot and fast touching off Tir forces and bystanders alike. The driver now dead, a massive Earth elemental rips free from the remains of the burning truck and begins to wreck carnage in its wake.

News62 coverage claims Portland has gone on lockdown in wake of attack. Thirty-six dead, twenty wounded. Local corporations accused the Council of necessary private forces. Reports indicate Hestaby has moved to Portland proper to attend "high-level" Council meeting.

Sat Nov 5 2076

U-Store-It // Sioux Sector - Denver

A container module lifts 15 feet up into the air as it's propelled via C4 and other ostensibly illegal substances, igniting and blasting into hundreds of small pieces. The explosive concussive forces rocks alarms on several containers and nearby cars, a plume of black smoke rises from it's origination. Security forces are sure to investigate….hope no one hid anything illegal down there without paying off the proper people.

Mon Nov 14 2076

News62 Story Blip Widely Heard

Sad news today as body found in Blackbird Park has been identified via magic forensics as one Sergei Besbelov, former CEO of Svoboda Enterprise. Svoboda, once the digital darling of R&D chip products, had claimed to create a next level type of data chip using a mix of several proprietary techniques. All related data is currently missing while the company with contorlling shares, previously, Pequod Holdings appears to be readying for bankruptcy. Sergei's partner at the firm, Emil Toriq, could not be reahed for comment.

Security on the scene claimed disturbing details including that the body, headless, had shown signs of severe torture as well as weeks of malnourishment. Whatever Mr. Besbelov's demons were, let's hope they don't follow into the afterlife.

Brian Angenllo, News62, back to you in the studio Marc.

Fri Nov 18 2076

Portland, Tir Taingire Telestrian Offices

The last minute board room meeting is called, big wigs across the nation are in attendance. Marie-Louise Telestrian appears shaken, perhaps even despondent. She discreetly rubs at a bruise while listening to the discussion. Terror attacks, a recent pleading to the Council of Princes for additional protection. And now this- Project Amorphous- all but dead. One name rings in her mind: New Dawn. A word that follows: Payback.

Fri Nov 18 2076

Tir Taingire, Royal Hill, Council of Princes Chambers

Se'Har Maera Lugh Surehand listens intently at the laid out facts: An insurrection is underway. Well financed, better coordinated, and more powerful then any seen in years past. Jenna Ni'Faira blames all non-elves (naturally). Talk of a registry is brought up, before being shot down by Sean Laverty. "Have you forgotten we've been doing that for decades?"

Dar Varfen brings up a point: "Telestrian and New Dawn have both advocated for additional measures, if the Peace Force can't handle the requests we risk losing face Se'Har, I fear extra-territoriality will be their next ask, though some of us may…benefit."

Seated far from everyone, the orange haired human form of Hestaby sits quietly. She smiles at the accusation.

"Perhaps we should expand the Council. I always appreciated Ehran and Lowfyr's counsel, at times, and now may be that time again," Lugh announces before standing and dismissing the meeting. The room grows quiet, cold, and ominous.

Wed Nov 23 2076

Warrens, Last Chance Saloon, Widely Rumored

Seated at the table: The heads of the Demo Boyz, the Black Hearts, the Horsemen, the Silverthorns, Goblin Yell, and Nigel Greenwich himself.

Surrounding them, armed and armored mercenaries, and one bartender.

"This is the new world order," Greenwich begins and smiles from behind his large round glasses, "-and the new world order is this: Your lives are drek. Your causes are drek. Your goals are drek. If you combine those things, you get less drek." Winston, Goblin Yells leader, spits on the ground and without a word leaves. "If you take my example, you'll manage to survive."

And so a new alliance begins to take shape….

Wed Nov 23 2076

Warrens, Tir Lewyn, Orktown, Various Locations

Precision magical strikes. Messy mass acts of melee violence. NO-no-no-please-stop begging.

Goblin Yell's ranks are decimated in double-cross killings across Orktown. Winston Hamish is personally gutted by the DemoBoyz's Chainsaw with an actual chainsaw, his last words: "Brotherhood".

Black Eyed Susan pumps round after round from an AK97 into the deformed beaten down body of Lugburz, splayed and shattered across the floor of The Big House. Goblin Yell stash houses are raided, or burned down, or both. All members killed or drafted into Orktown proper. Nigel Greenwich's personal bodyguards trigger timed elemental attacks against the Silverthorns. The leader, himself equipped with paramilitary skills, remains missing possibly dead as well.

Any gang member not down with The New World Order, not down with quashing beefs is murdered and done so publicly and violently. Money > Racism. Me > You. Blood and bullets across the Warrens.

By the end, The Blackhearts, The Horsemen and DemoBoyz, The Silverthorns, hold a huge swath of territory and you don't fuck with them anymore.

Wed Nov 30 2076

Tir Taingire - CalFree, No-Man's Land

Laz, a runner with a past in both nations, was shocked by the news of the attack on Aidan. Laz needed to get behind the lines and into the Tir. Concerned, but seeking evidence to do anything, he makes contact with the right rigger for the right price: Gomorrah, an alcoholic and ruddy faced pilot. Gomorrah's tattered "Lone Star Rebels" field jacket and red/white/blue spray-painted IWS Kommando indicative of the man's nationalistic views.

The smuggler's run was uneventful, the aircraft riding dangerously low along the coast and north towards Coors Bay. Suddenly, alarms blare. "Frag!" shouts Gomorrah over the PA. Two Bell Sikorsky drones fire belt fed machine guns, tailing Laz and his partner. Bullets chew through the cockpit.

"Hold Tight!" Maneuvers and Counter-Maneuvers are taken through the Siuslaw Forest, east toward Corvallis the chase ends. As calm settles, a surface to air missle explodes just barely missing the chopper. Shrapnel cuts the gas line and Laz's torso. The chopper fish-tails and spins, diving hard and crash-lands somewhere south of Albany near a Rinelle ke'Tesrae (rebel) strong-hold. A dozen men and women with assault rifles surround the smoking helicopter. "Well, we made it!" Gomorrah offers cheerily.

Wed Nov 30 2076

The Warrens, Orktown-Warzone Border

Rex, The Warrens Warrior himself, patrols the moonscape of the south east Warzone- territory recently gained by the Horsemen and Greenwich's mercenary cadre. The cybered street samurai wields his Ares Alpha like a scythe, cutting down a trio of Royal's. Their puny SMG's bounce off of his armor like raindrops on a tin roof. What did they want? Who cares. Kill'em if they're not with the New World Order or Orktown proper. For good measure Rex walks over towards the pile of bodies and drops a grenade on them.

From a distance a couple of Silverthorns quake in their boots at the menacing Rex's actions. "Remind me not to frag with that one," quips a ganger. The troll's stature rises, impressing even Greenwich himself.

Wed Nov 30 2076

CalFree State, Redding, Leroy's Bar + Grill

Not everyone was picking a side. Some are simply corporate loyalists or just company men. Ares deserved the new Tir security contract, and they needed some PR help.

The job was simple and dangerous and the pay was low. Attack a Tir patrol just north of Yreka and pose as CFS Guard regulars. The Johnson found two crazies in this town:

Jesse James, an ex-NAN member and mysterious shaman and a rigger by the handle Hee-Haw,

Wed Nov 30 2076

CFS-Tir Disputed Territory, 2.5 Miles North of Yreka

Hee Haw runs ECCM in her T-Bird, ghosting past CFS borders and nudges the vehicle a half-click shy of a a group of Tir irregulars known as The Hunt. Weekend warrior types eager to prove their worth. The Johnson, keys his comm »This is Knight. Drop Jesse and I north and circle back to counter-attack. Over.«

Jesse's eyes flash green and his shaman mask is simply a ghastly dead-skin palor. The duo trudge through the woods and get the jump on The Hunt patrol. "For CalFree you dandelions!" shouts Knight. Bullets tear up their ATV and wound a few in their legs - satisfied with their shouts of frustration and surprise. He rolls behind cover as AK-97' rip up the tree he was behind earlier. Knight looks towards Jesse who stands up and walks calmly towards the patrol.

Green flames cover the Shaman as he moves towards the group. The ground sizzles beneath each step. Bullets melt as they impact Jesse's body….

Wed Nov 30 2076

The carnage Jesse James releases is a nature of evil Knight's not seen in some time. Hee Haw's T Bird chews up dirt as it hard stops near Knight.

Jesse's wrath continues - dousing the vegetation, the burnt Hunt bodies, and abandoned houses with some kind of…. acidic sludge.

A ladder drops from the T-Bird near Knight, lights flashing towards him. He jump-grabs onto the metal rails as Hee Haw's bird lifts up. Knight looks over his shoulder to see Jesse turning towards the vehicle as a 12 foot neon green skeleton rises from the sludge and just misses clawing at him. The Ares contract will get some ammunition from this incident. But who the hell did he just drop off in Tir Taingire?

Wed Nov 30 2076

CAS South, Castle Rock, The Ragdoll

A trio of runners: A scarred gunsel, a shy but generous street shaman, and a curious dwarf rigger pool their resources for a major sit-down:

Represenatives from The Sinners, The Saints, Los Reyes Diablo, The Royals and even the AAC have agreed to put aside their beefs to hear Dorian and co. out: Let's counter-coup. Let's get with the times. Organize. Strategize. Prep to kill Greenwich, not each other.

The Sinners were a no brainer. The Saints were to keep balance. The Royals had mob juice and what Dorian did to get King Steve's people to the table…well he'd have to think on that later. The "Bueno Brujah" as Los Reyes sometimes referred to the shaman had nothing to lose and everything to gain and agreed with her thinking. K, the dwarven rigger, pulled some strings and managed to get a drone from the Ack Acks down here.

The gangs listened, but they had their own pound of flesh to request in return.

Wed Nov 30 2076

The Warrens, The Rez

Meanwhile, Nine and her compatriot Wire, decide to reach out and talk to the Clown Puppet Master aka The Laughing Man. Something's fishy between Greenwich's actions in the Warrens, the Council in Tir Taingire, and the major "bait-and-switch" shadowrun they pulled as penance for their friend's prior actions. Nine wants to help, but she needs direction. She can't cross the borders, but maybe the matrix and the last data-drop The Laughing Man she used is still active. She dives headfirst into cyberspace. Wire, concerned for her, watches over, cautiously ready to dumpshock her out of any deadly IC encounter.

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