Globalemits October 2016

October 2076

Sat Oct 1 2076

Warrens, Orktown, The Big House

Nigel Greenwich holds courts with a small private army keeping security. Word is the former owner was tossed out a window to her death. Various deals - weapons, chems, black market med technology is sold at wholesale prices. It's a party atmosphere where the liquor flows like water. Outside, Horsemen patrol with amped up guns. They pat down prospective buyers a block away as they line up. "Don't worry, we've got fresh food and water coming too. But first we gotta strap up." Above, power spirits and expensive drones flit through the air. Tension increases in the Warrens….

Sat Oct 1 2076

Portland Tir Taingire

Telestrian Industries defies the Council of Princes and imports additional private security forces for it's headquarters. Dar Varfen issues a scathing statement that Telestrian Industries is over-stepping it's boundaries during tense times. Protests rock Salem over the "Gas Event" - culprit still unknown. Footage leaks on Shadowland of "peaceful anti-council protesters" being arrested, shot, or simply beat to a pulp by local security forces. #PrayforSalem is a trending item for a day before some other news takes over.

Tue Oct 4 2076

The Warrens Orktown

A trio of Horsemen gangers on patrol their block. Armed with milspec level weapon and tactical squad training, they're more menacing than usual and Orktown's profiting from it. An extra extortion here, a drug sale in someone else's territory there. It adds up. Greenwich's name rings out in these parts, equally admired or feared.

Thu Oct 6 2076

The Warzone, Warrens Rumored

Word is Warrens's burgeoning and mysterious crime lord Greenwich sends out a heavily armed retinue of mercenaries to "Secure" the Warzone. Carving out territory is dangerous in the Warrens, more so when the goal is profit and hearts and minds.

The Sinners mount up. Whatever weapons on hand, any lackeys, flackeys, and hanger-ons joins up. If they can't control the territory, then no one can.

Flashpoint incoming….

Mon Oct 10 2076

The Warzone, Warrens Street Report

The southeast corner of the Warzone was secured. Money, water, food, munitions supplied to the scattered denizens. A "care package" is prepped for delivery north to The Blackhearts in South Sunrise. As Greenwich's operations expand, more ground is needed to buffer Orktown.

Sister Sinister broods. The Sinners have pacts with every Org in their territory, and they don't need anyone encroaching. Who the frag does this tusker think he is? Screw the rumors. A pre-emptive strike is ordered, in street parlance of course.

Mon Oct 10 2076

The Warzone, Warrens Sinners Movements

Almost half of the Sinners move south east, armed with small arms, chains, and some cyber enhancements. The toughest damn bitches in the Warrens set out to push back. With them are several local shadowrunners, a handful of roided out pimps, and a few half-cocked denizens in Mission Hills.

On the other side, a dozen Horsemen with assault weapons, and another dozen hired professional mercenaries armed with bodyarmor, drones, and magic.

The Sinners head due east past the crumbling Smoky Hill Library building. An Ares Sparrow transmits the movement. Finally, a message to send. The crime lord Greenwich sends his forces north, north west….And so the Battle Of Parkview Hill begins.

Mon Oct 10 2076

Mission Hills, Warrens Character Action, Culprit Unknown, Uncomfirmed

The Saints feel this is an ample opportunity. A contact is called, a shadowrunner of talented B&E skills. "Frag the Sinners, let'em get cacked. While they're distracted, we need someone to head down and rob their stash houses. Drugs, BTL's, anything you can get your hands on. We fence it, you get a percentage back. Be a good girl, be a friend to the Saints."

She sneaks through the whorehouses, past drug dealers and the human detritus. Score's are found and stolen and no one the wiser. The Sinner's are taking hits from all over.

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, Parkview Hill Elementary, Warrens.

An Ingram Smartgun rips through the cool fall air. The bullets bounce off a pair of black clad mercenaries. Ricochets spark off concrete blocks and knock out the only working street lamp. The Sinners split into three groups attempting to surround the mercenaries.

Big Boy Ray, a Horsemen ganger, has seen it all. He remembers the Tir/Orktown battle of '72, he was just a kid then. It's the last thought in his head before he's lit up like roman candle. RIP BBR, tonight's first casualty.

Small arms fire exchanges in a continuous symphony of sharp cracks. Two Sinners, a pair of twins 'popular' in Mission Hills, fall to the ground from a drone's Ares Alpha. Civilians hiding in the abandoned elementary school are quickly turned into human shields or mince meat from the mercenaries superior firepower. A HE grenade lobbed into a former art room turns it into kindle, creating the Sinners preferred red and black in flame and smoke.

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, Parkview Hill Elementary Character Action

The obscured figure of one Cable, a person with an eight foot assault cannon wielded like a rifle and the plan to explode trolls with big guns and gear, dextrously speeds his form into and through the Aurora Warrens' Warzone.

He moves from spot to spot where he snipes hulking Horsemen and one of the mercenaries who support them. A surveillance drone and a combat drone tag team and lay down burst-fire EX rounds into the man. Cable briefly gets harried, but is not to be stopped. KA-BOOM.

Troll parts. KA-BOOM Troll flesh and bone, KA-BOOM Troll gear and goods are exploded in the wake of the fast being who ends the spree in a lightning fast run which carries the mobile gunner into the distant shadows without delay. Ultimate guerilla moves +1000.

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, Parkview Hill Elementary Character Action - Mr. Terrific

The Sinners rally after the cannon shots. The women yell battle cries and four letter words that would turn a hardened street samurai red. The Horsemen, scared drek-less, begin to retreat north east away from the battle. A Sinner-hired Shadowrunner skulks away from Parkview casting an invisible spell. She makes past defenses and scores Greenwich himself, briefly distracted coordinating attacks from a hollowed out bodega.

But another runner, a more terrific shadowrunner you could say, is in the Warrens too. And he has foresight to offer his services, via proxy of course, to the more powerful player. An attempted fireball spell is knocked off course, setting a lone Horsemen on fire. His ork skin bubbles and oozes louder than his screams. The attempted assassin? Turn-To-(Bullet)Goo by Greenwich's bodyguards.

Mon Oct 10 2076

Warzone, Warrens, Various Locations Character Action - Vexx and Kraft

The nightsky glows a dull yellow-red far west from Vexx's position. He's just some gutter decker trying to dig up some info on what's been going lately. Sheesh. Wrong place, wrong time he winds up pakouring through the damn battle and heads east. He bumps into a local street urchin (with a lot of local info) just hiding out until the all clear to get back to the Rez.

Kraft hates when anything bugs the Queen City. And yea, even the Warrens. He calls up Vinny Snitch, a vendor in the area, and over the pop-pop-pop of gunfire Kraft gets the low-down on Greenwich, Orktown, and Tir Llewyn. Kraft thanks Vinny and gets to thinking his next move.

Mon Oct 10 2076

Warzone, Warrens, Various Locations Character Actions - Billybob and Unknown

Billybob's a local Warrens rigger. He's in it for the money like any smart shadowrunning rigger and you know what? Who's to judge? A cut-out set up the job, he never thought he'd be running dozens of weapons from Orktown to The Blackhearts, but here he is. He careens North on Himalaya Street dodging a few retreating Horsemen. Run-flat tired are tonight's saving grace from potshots fired the regular psycho Warzone resident. A welcome committee of Blackhearts accept the guns graciously, setting up defenses in the event The Sinners try waltzing further north.

Meanwhile, a deadly physical adept stalks his own territory. No one's messing with his bolthole and he picks off anyone that gets close.

He fires his Nighthawk at a nearby Sinner bezerker armed with a stun baton, a grenade, and dual cyberspurs as she races toward him. She explodes as the bullet strikes a worn grenade, setting off a chain reaction of smaller explosions nearby from an illegal gas line for a small shelter. The shelter of sheet rock and corrugated tin caves in, slicing a hiding Horseman ganger's artery. He blows the smoke out of the pistol and smiles.

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, Parkview Hill Elementary The Battle Rages On

Finally, a break occurs. Literally. A C4 laden surveillance drone, a flitting small bird, flits through the raging fire of Parkview Elementary. The Sinners, pinned down, fear for their lives. A half dozen surviving Horsemen spray 'n pray Colt Assault Rifles at cover. A dome like air wave splits around the base of the abandoned school followed by a concussive blast heard throughout the Warrens and likely loud enough to hit the CAS-Warrens border wall. The school crumbles, crushing Sinners hiding within. They blind fire and begin to retreat north east. Greenwich's merc-gangster's form a counter attack and cut their retreat off, finally pinning them on open ground. Bodies fall, cut down the center like rag dolls in the streets.
"Don't let up - let the bitches have it!" "There! There!"

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, South Flanders + East Monmouth Ct Character Actions Nine, Dorian + Good Samaritan

Scarface is trying his god damn best to be a hero for hire tonight. He sets up an ambush the merc's never expected. The first rule of the Warrens? Never underestimate The Warrens. Machine gun fire flanks a close together squad of mercenaries. One, two, three mercenaries go down in a cluster of shattered ceramic plates and blood. "Pffft weekend warriors" he thinks to himself, "RUUUNNNN!" He yells across the street to the Sinners. He blasts his gun until the barrel glows burning orange and the Horsemen have left.

Nine, a well known Rez based shadowrunner, sets up a mini triage center with surviving Sinners. Bedrolls, IV's, bandages, and the healing arts are her tools of the trade. A local good samaritan provides spell protection and casts spells of speed and health, leading the surviving Sinners to the triage center before disappearing.

Nine can't save everyone, one dies from too many bullet wounds and too much cyber. Her dead ganger eyes watch as Nine works to save someone crushed to bits, and another burned to a crisp. Surely technology is not all she has…..

Mon Oct 10 2076

Warzone, The Warrens Widely Known

A Lone Star helicopter figures it's worth the budget just to see what the hell is going on. It takes a pass as low as comfortable:

A corner of the Warzone has been 'reclaimed' into Orktown territory for the moment. The northwest corner is a complete wasteland of small fired and fleeing civilians.

Lonestar issues a press release of an "environmental based explosion" that has "burned itself out". The Sinners pre-emptive attack has failed, miserably, and they're weakened significantly at the attempt. Still, they stopped crime lord Nigel Greenwich's expansion and every Org they deal with is going to be informed of the tipping scales in the Warrens. Tonight, Greenwich knows who helped him, and The Sinners know who saved them. And in the shadows, the buzz about The Warzone battle will last for a days. Until the next one…..

The Sinners are licking their wounds and going hard in Mission Hills now to keep their territory. Greenwich, despite the losses, has gained more allies and is celebrating somewhere. But The Horsmen beginning to grumble……

Sun Oct 23 2076

The Warrens, Sunrise District, Los Reyes Diablo Territory

Gunfire erupts north of E Quincy Ave among a trio of blocks firmly in Reyes control. Details are sparse: Twenty odd Diablo gangers demolished by a combination of magic, firepower, and superior tactics. They fight back with a local Wizkid, tossing molotov cocktails from on high, and sheer numbers. Block to block guerilla warfare in the Sixth World.

When it's over, the locals are stunned, banding together to fight a building fire that quickly overcomes and collapses in on itself. Black smoke tendrils waft westward. And as the sun rises this morning its rays cast orange light on fresh graffiti tags across three blocks in Sunrise:

A fresh heart with a black slash running through it.

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