Globalemits August 2014

August 2074

Fri Aug 8 2074

Denver DataHaven, Recent Trix Chatroom Snippet

»Bludhaven UCAS/RTG.123: LAs looped into new source.
»Grownman[NAN/PLTG.3421: Copy. Moving a cold front to Denver next.
»Bludhaven UCAS/RTG.123: What about our mutual organized colleague?
»Grownman[NAN/PLTG.3421: Playing hide and seek. The Risen One took out a tag and bag team. Were manipulating the KAs.

Mon Aug 11 2074

The Esplanade Hotel, UCAS District.

Knight Errant and hotel security break down the door to a penthouse suite. Packaged hotshots of drugs litter the floor, as well as half a dozen bodies. A half hour later a tired looking coroner comes in, backed by a Bear Shaman with a doctorate in thaumaturgical forensics. They sweep the room and bodies. Dr. Woodrunner cant believe it. What?, asks the coroner. These idiots were testing a new brand of In Cold Blood. Its back.

Sat Aug 23 2074

Barstow, CalFree. Disputed Territories. The Organization makes a deal and a mobster winds up dead. His head sliced clean off. Message in transit.

Denver, All Districts. Like a curtain was suddenly lifted- Novacoke's Out. In Cold Blood is in. Nix dipweed, jazz, or any other drug. They're getting second class citizen treatment. Witnesses claim the other orgs are getting muscled in. Word is the pipelines through the NAN desert. Others say LA.

Wed Aug 27 2074

Location: Unknown.

Aerial Drone Passes Above. Mountains and desert scrub. Zoom in, refresh image. An outcropping of buildings. Tiny ant like cars pass on the highway. Zoom in, refresh image, expand to 3D Model. 6 floors underground, a small honeycomb of operations. Zoom in, refresh image. Expand and freeze.

A trio of men in chemical gear, one inscribed with runes on the protective clothing, work out math equations and troubleshoot contamination variable. A man paces nearby, vigilant and observant.

"Situation has changed apparently in the Warrens. Operations can continue, maybe ramp up even.", comments one of the men.

"Funding sites are imperative, this new strain should help boost things along nicely. Pick up's not till next week.", says another. They continue cooking.

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