Globalemits March 2014

March 2074

Sat Mar 1 2074

Bare Knuckle Gym, The Warrens.

The boy had finally healed up. He was ready to join anyone, help his family, and he had powdered courage: In Cold Blood, just one hit was all he'd need. He mouths off, pops a fastbag with his hand razors. Shit goes down.

Sat Mar 1 2074

Bare Knuckle, The Warrens.

The Knuck's security activates. A bystander starts mouthing curse hand darts under his coat, and quick shots a taser gun. It's fine wires and sink into the kids bared chest as they deliver their high-voltage payload.

The kid jolts in place for a milisecond before his legs and bowels give out, Light wires burn hot under his skin, his brain waves short/fitz. The blue baggie in his hand sprays fine blue powder around him as he collapses. Crisis averted.

Sat Mar 1 2074

Denver Metroplex, Various South Western Cities, Los Angeles.

The market for In Cold Blood makes a few local appearances on local news trid shows. It goes by several names, In Cold Blood the most popular. Metro gangs fight each other for scraps. Local PD's has scant interest, hey it's a drug for the SINless, for now.

The man makes his rounds, makes his deals. Nuyen and drugs and alliances fluidly exchange.

Mon Mar 3 2074

Downtown Denver, Location Undisclosed.

Brendan Benson in conjunction with Zlo Studios issue press release regarding Kai Ortega, rising Hollywood trid-star.

»Due to stress from filming, Ms. Ortega has relapsed in her addiction and is now seeking treatment. Ms. Ortega thanks her fans for their support in this difficult time. Thank you.«

Interest perks up in the distribution of "Phoenix: The Maria Mercurial Story", despite rumors it's a dud in the chamber with the last act still undergoing reshoots.

Mon Mar 3 2074

….The trix host is active suddenly, it had been closed off all day, and despite the work of multiple curious deckers, it would not open. There are crowds outside, matrix icons of those ready to watch the fights, and then the lights come on. The host lights up, a colluseum, a replica of the one in Rome. The doors open and people flood inside, looking for the best seats.

Mon Mar 10 2074

Shadowland, Local Datastore // Alleged Leaked Audio

Male Voice, middle aged 0701»It's been spreading nicely, but interest hasn't peaked.

Female Voice, also middle aged 0701:36»(Indistinct traffic backround noise) Not fast enough. There's still another batch, he's getting annoyed.

Male 0701:47»Annoyed? Or Angry. We made the deal at-

Female 0701:52»Don't use locations. Find more mouths to feed. Pressure the girl some more, it could be good. What's the situation on the fixer?

Male 0702:01»She's sedated. We've communicated to the elf. I'm leaving Cheyenne now. I'll see you- never mind.

Tue Mar 11 2074

Tybalt hires the rigger Gemorrah for the excursion. A hundred feet up in the air it settles straight for a NW beeline towards Medicine Bow forest and Sioux Nation territory, behind them the skyrakers of Denver fade over the horizon. Cheyenne looms large in the men's mind. "If you're not back in time, I leave without you and your quarry."

Hours later, Tybalt heads for an apartment block not far from Cheyenne's drab downtown. His ruthenium suit prevents discovery- so far.

Tue Mar 11 2074

Tybalt reaches his destination. His contact held hostage somewhere inside four floors above. The man spots a drone high above. Confident in his cloaked invisibility and with spirit's help, he draws down on the drone and summons a crisp lightning bolt. The drone explodes. Tybalt smiles and hunkers down.

The 4th floor of the building explodes and rains debris. People run and scream. Run Tybalt, run.

Fri Mar 14 2074

Visitors Room, O'Hanlon Detox Facility, Downtown Denver - UCAS sector.

Small groups of families, estranged partners, even some business discussions. Kai Ortega sips ice water from a styrofoam cup and tugs at her patient wristband. "Brendan, it was one time. I know you're behind schedule, I know you'll lose your shirt. ", she says. The woman's manager is impervious. "Kai, you were great before, you'll be better when you're out. The movie's going to be huge, you're going to be huge. This is good for everyone. Stay here, get clean, then get back to work." He licks his lips, "We've got some new investors…. It'll work out."

Sat Mar 15 2074

The Dripping Clam, Back Office, CAS District.

Luthor Sucreasi's eyes glaze over as he looks at the pile of laundered money on his desk. His families' income has tripled in the last 30 days, and had doubled in income for the prior two months. Moving Ray out of Miami was the best thing he could of thought of. Sure, the man's not exactly the easiest to work with, but results are results. The Don texts his capos, »Keep it coming. Keep me abreast of any problems with any other father figures.«

The aging ork leans back in his office chair. Yea, he could get used to this.

Sat Mar 15 2074

Denver, Los Angeles, Bakersville, Cheyenne, Northen Aztlan territories.

Crystal Blue Explosion. The bottom barrel junkies vacuum "In Cold Blood" up. The product's been in the market long enough to be nicknamed "The Vigilante Drug" by local PD's. The JCP in contested California areas have set up watch dog patrols trying to intercept coyotes who transport the stuff. The Yakuza in LA have purportedly offered bounties on any confirmed dealers. Denver Mafia are denying using it, "Kills off the customer base too fast." The Triads and Seoupla have been silent, but no major incursions into Asia town.

Wed Mar 19 2074

The Bare Knuckle, Warrens.

A pair of runners who couldn't be more different analyze In Cold Blood, the results are like pulling at loose threads. More questions than answers and a dead body to dispose of.

Outside, Rex works with the Sons and keeps In Cold Blood of their streets- or else.

Wed Mar 19 2074

Denver Metroplex, Various Locales.

A trio of altruistic shadowrunners collect data of all kinds. The decker gets on a trail and digs deep for connections behind the drug. Wire downloads a strange trid trailer that's the talk of the town. He and his girl friday swap information: He looks for nodal point, she transcribes patterns. It could be a real rabbit hole and a long night.

Wed Mar 19 2074

The Crank, Warrens.

The mystery man, the lone wolf, Nolan investigates the sometime warzone that he calls home. ICB addicts litter the street outside. A vertical drug marketplace arises around him. He gets his piece of mind.

Thu Mar 20 2074

Ostara Shaman Park.

The mercs follow the elf, things go awry. Bad juju and adrenaline beats guns and no hazard pay. »Can't make it«, the elf texts.

Safehouse, Location Unknown.

Meanwhile, a mafioso sweats in a safe house. He gets the text, then works his contacts hard, hoping to stop the character assassination campaign that's started against him, before more bullets fly.
The big man wants payback, the bald man has a plan.

Tue Mar 25 2074

The Dripping Clam, CAS red-light district.

Luther Sucreasi steeples his fingers, pointer fingers pressed tight against his forehead. His lieutenant has just dumped a load of some drug onto the table. "Is that what I think it is?", the Family Man asks. "Uh-huh", replies the newly minted capo.
Sucreasi shakes his head, "This was in…my area? Someone who I've trusted as an ally- for years- thought this was a smart play?"
"That's right, boss.", the capo replies. "I could try to locate for you, make sure he understands this is our….your territory. No fuss no muss."

The ork mafia don is in disbelief. "Put some feelers out, I want to know where he is-quietly!" He bangs a fist on the desk for emphasis. "I do /not/ want to be associated, just keep a tab on him. Pour the honey pot out."

Wed Mar 26 2074

CAS District, Denver.

Lenny makes the rounds for a paying customer. Fixer, hitman, pimp, con artist, burglar, bodyguard. He's a renaissance man, a half forgotten associate of the Sucreasi family. Tonight's a new job, information collector. He hits the clubs, the bars, the strip joints. He's looking for someone, a mobster with another family, an aging ork lawyer friend, and a big man with his hand in private security. Have you seen 'em? Time is money.

Wed Mar 26 2074

Al-Free Skirmishes, Denver, Los Angeles, Pockets of Nevada.

Cal-Free towns suffer from In Cold Blood use as rebels get addicted and the JCP make gains in their ceaseless stalemate/battle. Denver's Warrens glow blue, as new distribution lines are made and lines are crossed. Los Angeles Yakuza take a steep hit in Kong Chips, as their clientele opt for more dangerous highs. In Las Vegas, Nevada, local security forces get into a scandal, some have been caught dealing ICB on the side and are detained for questioning. They turn up dead. In their cells.

Thu Mar 27 2074

ICU, Denver General Hospital, UCAS District.

Machines beep and whir. Electronic tridscreens glow a soft blue in the darkness of the room. Medically induced coma to reduce brain swelling. When he wakes, minor surgeries, and magical healing courtesy of the DocWagon contact.
Henry Knox wouldn't want to see himself like this, the vain fixer's better left unconscious, the dream state keeps him reliving the brief ambush outside the bar. A man in a suit. Bullets. Then nothing.

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