Globalemits February 2014

February 2074

Sun Feb 2 2074

Actress Kai Ortega entertains a few brave and horny gang bangers as she answers questions about filming in Denver. Her agent chats up a local allegeed 'runner who claims he killed another street sam by the handle Pigeon

Keegan wipes down the bar and watches the money roll in as all types of people party at her place tonight. It's a good night despite Denver losing.

Mon Feb 3 2074

Things pick up at the Cybered Arms tonight. Rounds are bought, movie stars (to be?) are oggled, and amazingly no fights have broken out. Brendan Benson talks contracts on the phone and watches his prized possesion field questions from runners and sign the odd autograph.

Tue Feb 4 2074

New York Megaplex, West Village A-Zone.

Kai Ortega, 2074's rising trid star, finds a dead body in her palatial apartment. Blood and viscera everywhere. Kai Ortega screams, the noise setting off sensors to downstairs security. Hush money is quickly pulled from bank accounts and sent to the right people from the studio.
The buzz news reports a former stalker, Angel Marcellus, found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound outside her address. But the shadows can spot a messy cover up like a grease stain on a silk tie.

Fri Feb 7 2074

Los Angeles, Portland, Cheyenne, Denver..

It starts in the City Of Angels. A potent, blue tinged strain of Novacoke with a 50-50 shot: The best coke high you can get, or near instant brain death. street's calling it "In Cold Blood". Club kids, burnt out mage bodyguards circling the drain, music producers: Prominent people on the fringes of fame. In Cold Blood slices through a portion of the Warrens, word is it was leaked at some party. It's whispered and barely known. But people in the drug game are hearing it's echo.

Sun Feb 9 2074

Lyon, The French Republic.

Etienne Maron, Head of the 2074 Olympic Committee, gasps as stares out the window from the 34th floor of his downtown hotel room. Beneath him protesters hurl molotovs, rocks, someone casts a minor illusion spell of a 12 foot effeminate gorilla beating it's chest. City police forces spray pepper foam, rubber bullets, confusion spells. The Lyon Olympic Dome looms in the background, tattered banners: 2074 Olympics!

Mon Feb 10 2074

"In Cold Blood", sweeps through Denver like a pox on the underclass. The east Warrens is hit the hardest. The blue-hued Novacoke is spotted at various underground fighting clubs. Blurry trid-recordings of low level gang members snorting lines off flick-knives. The hardy ones beat their chest conquering the "twilight" of near death. Some aren't as lucky. Cheap, powerful, and effective. No one seems to know where it came from, but in the Warrens there's always someone who knows something.

Wed Feb 12 2074

Lyon, France.

Shadowrunners Apex and Crowley flit through the sky on ultralights. Quietly, they land onto the roof of a hotel, stow their gear and change into prepared cleaning crew outfits. Beneath them, the 14th floor is housing state media who are due to report on an Olympic press junkets. Crowley checks the digital timer for his stun grenades.
Apex readies DMSO Ares Squirts and a confusion spell courtesy of Coyote. The Johnson was paying well for effectively one elaborate prank: Two hours later the reporters will freak out, naked, and in clown make-up, during a live broadcasr "Rveiller!" Lyon's morning tridshow. Truly an embarrassment for the committee.

Sun Feb 16 2074

CAS District, Chrome

The club is popping and Kai Ortega has just arrived. A group of Shadowrunners, and shadowrunner-adjacent, watch from the sidelines as the starlet sits down.

Elsewhere, "In Cold Blood" grows tentacles. Quietly snaking from the Warrens into more upscale middle class usage. The high is refined, the death rattle intensified, the addiction unstoppable.

Mon Feb 17 2074

Lyon, France

Despite several collective interests to sway the Olympic Selection Committee, Lyon, France, remains the the official 2074 Olympic City. Funds race to the city, corporate deals are made, political alliances are cemented.

Ares stock takes a solid hit after a preemptive press release stated Knight Errant would be providing security services for Denver- the "assumed new selection".

Tue Feb 18 2074

Wench's Werks, Sioux Sector.

Wrecker and Chainsaw smoke tightly roll cigarillos packed with speed and hydroponic dripweed. They clean guns and watch something about Ares PR disaster, before switching to trog-porn. Packages and packages of pure In Cold Blood lay stacked neatly for distribution at their feet- biz has been done. The mysterious figure leaves the garage with cold hard cred.

Thu Feb 20 2074

Coyote Station, Sioux Sector.

In Cold Blood's blue tendrils begin to flit from house to house, business to business. The money flows in whisper quiet. You get hooked or you get dead. Street Logic: If it's that harsh, it must be good. Managing your Novacoke habit as a functional addict just got harder in the Sioux Sector.

Mon Feb 24 2074

Location Unknown, Cheyenne, Sioux Territory.

A woman in a flophouse hotel lays in a medically induced coma, her time on earth ticks away. Machine aided breathe sounds. Beeps and whirs. A dark man in a dark suit watches from a corner in the room, operating a cyberdeck with a vidscreen showing woods and a male elven shadowrunner. He takes a bite from a sandwich and watches the point of view of rise, arcing over the elf and into the evening.
He executes a command and the vidscreen becomes static. The dark man texts someone: »>It's done.«<

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