Globalemits December 2014

December 2074

Mon Dec 8 2074

Reports start flowing in of a dramatic firefight and hostage scenario in northern Los Angeles. A possible terrorist cell?

A half hour later an on-site news team KPRI-ARES shows live feed of LAPD and SWAT arresting several individuals, three males and two females. Kai Ortega, a rising actress and star of the summers Maria Mercurial biopic, was reportedly the hostage- shot dead in the final standoff. Photos show a downed helicopter, a dozen dead cops blurred out lay dead in a office parking lot. Social media explodes.

A news-drone captures video of the 'terrorists'. Local Denver runners might recognize the cadre as familiar faces. Already, the team is getting the handle "The Riverside Five" post-arrest as their paddy wagon pulls away.

Wed Dec 10 2074

North Hollywood, Los Angeles. Two figures fall at rapid speeds from a HALO jump. Below them a police caravan leaves the highway for side streets to avoid news media. The two figures deploy parachutes, one casts a levitate spell to ease the fall. A group of spirits appear from the metaplane and sack a prison van sending it flying onto it's side. The two figures don hockey masks and make short work of the unprepared police officers. They open the van and release the occupants: The Riverside Five.

They've just added Fugitive Status to the accused terrorists and celebrity murderers.

Fri Dec 19 2074

Breaking News: Fugitives On Run! Manhunt In LA!

Murders of Kai Ortega, 23 year old actress and several LAPD officers pinned on group. Inset: Blurry rezzed photos of three men, two women. En route to correctional facility, The Riverside Five have escaped police custody. The men and women are believed to be armed and dangerous. LAPD's matrix network hacked, unable to verify temporary arrest records. Department claims work of hired mercenaries, intends to release composite sketches on tonight's News52 broadcast. Call 555-TIPS.

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