Globalemits November 2014

November 2074

Thu Nov 20 2074

Cheyenne, Alpha Base Ops - Four Stories Underground.

The mercenaries were dressed in black armor, they were hired by a cut out who tagged along for the job. Efficient pricing, the materials pre-selected and provided. The squad of humans march through the lab's halls. Two, seven, nine researchers murdered in cold blood.

The mercs wore disposable gloves and rebreathers as they fired hollow points, thumping into bodies and stacks of blue tinged bricks. The powder within flowered into wispy clouds of potent dust. Once the bodies were eliminated, the Johnson initiated clean-up through a proprietary flammable chemical that, when inspected, appeared as neutral H20 but burned as hot as willy pete.

One of the merc's takes a dead man's ID card as a souvenir/insurance.

Agent David Garibaldi, CIA, Maps Division. #7078611

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