Globalemits August 2013

August 2073

Thu Aug 1 2073

The Warrens.

Ken Cosgrove shifts on the cold metal floor of the van. He woke up from the concussion an hour ago and the woman in the group allowed a pull over so he could spill his last executive lunch on the ground. He thinks of Meiko and tries to suppress feelings of love. He rubs at his swollen bruises, thinking how could just start shooting at him the second he left the security detail. Is information so powerful, even the tiniest sliver is worth killing over? He pictures/fantasizes killing Tilden Katz, his now old boss. Frag him. Frag Meiko. Frag the megas. Clean Slate is what he needs. A clean slate.

Sat Aug 3

The Event Horizon, UCAS Trix LTG.

She sees visions of a Minotaur, Snakes, old Vid stars and blank UMS personas. It reaches for her. The digital monster freezes time, whispers something in her cortex. Intellekt. The node zooms out to a view of Denver cyberspace. Pulsing lines gleaming like star constellations and above them the cold corporate monoliths forever sheathed in protective IC. The Minotaur strangles her and she dumpshocks.

Wed Aug 7 2073

At the table of Denver Organized Crime, the Italian and Japanese mafias eat well, while the lesser organizations squabble for scraps, and the gangs fight over the crumbs. But sometimes, one may sneak a larger portion than allowed by black market economics and an example must be made, anonymously of course. This time its the Vorys turn to be that example.

Wed Aug 7 2073

Two shadowrunners accept the blood money contract. The target? Monisha Silunanov, a madame of a respectable upscale gentlemans club: CandiLand. Its old school gangland slaughter, her private second story office and bodice shot up and shredded by high powered firearms. A troll bouncer attempts to intervene and pays in full with his life. Johns and hookers run out and into the night, word spreads quickly its not a place to habituate. Within 48 hours its closed shop and a blip on the 24/7 crime report cycle. The runners escape into the night with =Y= on their minds.
Somewhere in the CAS district, Symon Floritkoff angrily watches nuyen slip away to competing upscale escorts, strip clubs and bunraku brothels.

Wed Aug 7 2073

The Matrix, Downtown UCAS Traffic Grid :: Wed Aug 7 13:09:16 2073::

A ball of light is seen flitting through trix traffic along pulsing data lines. It skids through Grey IC and Matrix personas alike, bouncing playfully through basic power nodes and Denver UCAS air quality measurements. It phases through a sub-node controlling traffic lights for MLK Boulevard.

In the real world every traffic light turns green- snarling traffic and causing a 9 car pileup that takes hours to clear. Savvy deckers whispers hints of a meat-bod feeling of being watched when near MCT dataspace. Electronic hairs raising upon electronic necks.

Wed Aug 7 2073

The Warrens.

Tyson senses something is….off. The leader of shadowrunner crew The Loteks checks his watch- something ain't right. Sensors up! Bullets spang into the armored van! Machine gun burps and revved cars. It's all blur- We're getting jumped!, shouts Dot.Matrix. Another runner team, it's an anti-extraction if you will. Actions and time blur, slowing down, then picking up too fast to process. Some kind of explosion. Magic and cordite burns the air. Images of Dot.Matrix bleeding on the floor, and Caleb the hired merc firing his gun- and retreating? Leaving the team to these….dogs. Simon rocks himself in a semi-catatonc state.

Wed Aug 7 2073

Tyson watches his body deal and be dealt damage. Something rocks the engine block and there's no escape. Torques whiz-bang drone kicks open from the back of the GMC, it's own LMG spewing red tracer rounds. Someone in the dark gets hit. The kid., is the last he thinks before collapsing into the cold broken street in this horrid ghetto as blood pours into his eyes. What's left of the team are just ragged breathes and motionless bodies.

Wed Aug 7 2073

The Warrens, near The Rez.

The well equipped runner team removes Simon, his ill-fitted suit jacket flapping in the humid air. He pleads his case to one of the runners, a nice elven woman who seems only too eager to be convinced. Hook line and sinker she falls for his simple sniveling honesty. Guns are drawn, words are said and lines are crossed. The Johnson could be hosed if this isn't played right. Bang! The team is double crossed, in a way, and Simon and this new woman are on their own. Who knows what happens next.

Fri Aug 9

Mr. Sergei Besbalov holds meetings with Denver reps from Ares and MCT- separately of course. He and his staff remain poker faced as they listen to financial incentives on various buy outs. He thinks about his Ace up his sleeve. He smiles. Both meetings conclude with the same line in his Russian tinged English. Gentlemen, ladies. Myself and the people at Svoboda are very happy with what weve heard. Youll be hearing from our counsel shortly with a final offer of consideration. Ares has threatened - politely- legal action if they dont take their buy out, where MCT is so desperate for a new shiny toy theyre throwing money at his company. Little do they know, little do they know.

Fri Aug 9 2073

Mitsuhama: Denver Branch Bio-Research Division #red|Eyes Only
To: A. Watanabe, BCTRD

Watanabe-san, your request for additional funds for REDACTED has been denied. Im submitting your out of channel request for review per HR 3.187, and submitting a project request to terminate your lead. I fully intend to investigate possible fraud on your part with Project REDACTED and your misuse of funds and REDACTED with zero results. My per-hire goals are more aligned with company goals than yours Watanabe-san, and I will be taking over REDACTED upon mgmt approval. Consider this fair warning. I recommend all files and pertinent data on my desk by COB next week.

T. Katz

Tue Aug 20 2073

Denver: Aztlan Sector, The Burnsley Hotel.

The corp war heats up another degree. Things are getting sticky. Four shadowrunners show up for a simple job- subsidiary of a triple A allegedly. The runners gather round the table at the mid-scale restaurant Fuego Del Alma thats located inside the hotel. Mr. Johnson starts his pitch. Something buzzes in the air. A red dot. A rifle crack. Mr. Johnsons brains spider-web across neo-traditional Aztec cutlery and splatter onto a stucco wall. Sirens nearby wail. The runners bail and scramble for cover as they hustle out. One of the runners pockets Mr. Js lost credstick. Rookie mistake or a true opportunist? Stay frosty out there.

Thu Aug 22 2073

And so it goes: Blood In The Boardroom. Polite skirmishes and licensing talks breakout into open corporate warefare and espionage. Svodboda Enterprise strikes the match and the powder keg explodes.

MCT begins a whisper campaign of possible financial misbehavior accrued by Sergei Besbalov, CEO of New York by Russia startup Svoboda Enterprise. Rumbles are the Yakuza are looking to make good on that stock.
Ares splits two fold hiring hitters against execs at Svoboda and MCT R&D. Word on the street is Svoboda extracted/headhunted key personnel from MCT. Are these Ruskies are selling back what they stole?! Aztlan snipes figuratively and literally at anyone involved, throwing the IPO into possible chaos as their own legal counsel throw up roadblocks hoping to get a glimpse at possible new Matrix tech.

All the while, strange things still happening in the trix. News stories run rampant trying to get first in as reporters. Runners gossip non-stop. Deckers wonder if they might be obsolete.

Thu Aug 22 2073

Tilden Katz, MCT troubleshooter stuck in middle management limbo, smashes the burned up Fairlight deck into Watanabe's face. The researcher's front teeth clamp and shatter, little white shards spill across digital readouts. "This is what you and Simon were after!? And you let it slip away! You unctuous slime, you'll be on Yomi Island by weeks end. You're through! I want all project data on my desk, I want your resignation, and I want all video files and medical data on that Pet project you, Simon, and Meiko all had. She's out too."

Tilden kicks Watanabe as he lays in fetal position and walks out.

Watanabe knew this was coming, just not so soon.

Thu Aug 22 2073

Watanabe uses a defunct outline procured from the MCT Denver office's internal system security. He thanks heavens that Dow-Lam has remained a loyal friend, despite the shaming Katz-san gave him and afforded him some unmonitored matrix time. He contacts a woman he knew in Chiba, Sabine. A headhunter of sorts. His message is simple: »I want out. Life savings.«

An hour later, more calls are made in Denver. A Johnson puts the word out for a skilled professional group to pull a major job.

Fri Aug 23 2073

Sergei Besbalov goes into hiding after the press conference. Word is hes keeping his new head of R&D under lock and key.

An Ares executive, out to lunch in Western Denver with a prospective arms manufacturer out of Biloxi, finds his bodyguard dead after catching a bullet. The Biloxi arms manufacturer? She decided to visit Juarez to try a safer climate.
Shinsei Vision, an childrens educational Simsense production company and subsidiary of MCT finds all of their new programs have been decked and replaced with hardcore pornography. Both companies take minor hits after the news goes public.
Aztechnology snatches up 25 of Svoboda Enterprise stuck by COB.

Shadowrunners get calls from fixer, Johnsons, their second cousin. Everyone 's hiring.

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