Globalemits January 2013

December 2072

Fri Jan 11 2073

Word on the street is there's a Jay putting a call out for some quick and dirty scragging in the FRFZ's Pueblo Sector, down near Colorado Springs. If you are not adverse to a little blood, a little grime and a little gunsmoke, maybe you should contact one of your omaes in the know and see if you can get an invite to the meet…

Fri Jan 11 2073

Word on the street is a group of new hitters went out on a mission for a low level jay named Jorgen. Jorgen specializes in low to midlevel wetworks, without a real sense of loyalty. Well, the mission came and went, but the target's still alive. He says if you get the chance, you let Azul, Yori and Bass know he's not got a kind word for them.

Mon Jan 28 2073

Inauguration Day has come and gone in the UCAS. President Colloton made the expected, unexciting speech about America and Canada, growth, prosperity, security, and greater things. Those worried about such things caught undercurrents of resurgent aspirations of American hegemony, but for the most part the speech goes over well. Then Angela Colloton got down to the business of government. Nadja Daviar remains in the office she has occupied for fifteen years. Life goes on.

One small hiccup emerged: some were expecting Colloton to tap retiring president Kyle Haeffner for Secretary of State. Haeffner has consistently maintained that he has served his country long enough and looks forward to at least a few years of retirement before even sticking one toe back into the public arena. The aging Haeffner has shown at least one intention clearly, however: he took a week of vacation with family and close friends to celebrate his retirement. Many expected him to eventually return to public speaking and other traditional ex-presidential activities.

If he is, it will be a different face that the man presents to the world. Today Jared Levin, Haeffner's long-time press secretary, announced that Mr. Haeffner has checked into a private clinic to begin the process of Leonization. "Presidency takes a lot from someone. Haeffner has served from the Renraku Arcology disaster to the most recent flare-up of violence in California. He's earned his rest and his rejuvenation a thousand times over." Levin emphasized that the treatment was donated by grateful citizens and corporations and that it had been a surprise retirement gift and had not influenced any of Haeffner's policies while president.

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