Globalemits June 2012

June 2072

Thu June 7 2072

Down in Shenandoah, a battered pickup truck roars around the corner, a bed full of orks in the back. Tires squeal and the engine groans as the truck makes the curve and almost loses a passenger. As they approach the Angel's Delight Pool Hall, with several Saints and other assorted persons outside taking a smoke break, the orks in back open fire. The chattering of automatic weapons rips through the morning heat and people go down.

A grenade is thrown - landing underneath a black GMC bulldog parked off to the side - lighting that poor van up like the fourth of July. A gout of black smoke rises up from the wreckage as the orks tear off in their truck, headed south by south east.

Tue Jun 26 2072

Things have been simmering in Aurora lately. Sure, there are always fights and the warzone is always filling with bodies, but the large scale chaos has been absent. Slowly though, things have been building, and those who keep thier ear to the ground can hear it coming. The Sons of Sauron, a major gang in orktown has come into possession of a few crates of AK-97s, and the ammo for them. Any day now, they plan to make a move on Tir Llwen. The Elves know its coming, they have been increasing thier patrols and defenses, waiting for the impending fight.

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