Globalemits March 2012

March 2072

California Dreaming

Flashpoint: California Embers March

Thur Mar 1 2072

Down in the Rez, Penny Dreadful, manager of the Bastille residency fortress for wayward shadowrunners… did not arrive for work today. Her battered jeep is not in the garage. Knocking on the door brings no answer and no one is answering her phone.

Sun Mar 4 2072

In the warrens… Penny Dreadful's truck is found, submerged in the Quincy Reservoir. There is no sign of her however, and the Bastille has shut down it's leasing office, taking no further applications for space.

Tues Mar 6 2072

Dangerous Dan was a bad man. He spent a lot of time in the Warrens proving himself and throwing his weight around. A magician by trade, Dangerous Dan was a combat mage who liked to wander the Warrens and see if he could 'clean it up', using magic and grenades to enforce his will on lesser gangs, deftly avoiding anyone who might be a challenge. Dangerous Dan and his team of runners were 'good guys', in that they took jobs to do 'good things', like killing anyone they were told was bad. Dangerous Dan and his team were feared in the Warrens and elsewhere in the city.

Today, Dangerous Dan and his team were killed in the middle of East Smokey Hill Road while casually gunning down gangers. Actually, killed is too kind a word for it. They were executed like dogs in the middle of the road, their brains blown all over the street. Within minutes, everything they owned was taken from their rapidly cooling bodies. Many were ghouled by residents of the Warrens, even the sweet little old lady that they had 'protected' with their actions. The rats and bugs and street vendors got what was left.

Deadeye scouts out the city from atop his perch, content that he has a bird's eye view of the street below. A master shot, the man the drug lords fear is nevertheless on the top of a number of "Most Wanted" lists for his acts of terrorism. A 'shadowrunner', he spends his time playing hero. A mobster is the same as a politician, he has been heard to say, and taking either out makes things better for everyone.

The runner Deadeye will be found dead in the CAS Sector in a sniper nest just down from where the chief assistant to Councilwoman Kalheim lives. Much like Dangerous Dan and his group, Deadeye was executed, with just enough of his face left that any of his three living friends could identify. Sorry, two living friends, as Mark "The Armorer" Matthews will be found dead an hour later.

Wed Mar 7 2072

It's pretty sad when someone's runner team has to abandon them for dead when a run goes bad. It's pretty bad fricken ass when they show up on their own a few days later. Or… it's pretty concerning. Either way, Norris gets a name for herself in Denver for having either the stones to break out.. or the connections to walk free. (+150 Prestige.)

Mon Mar 12 2072

Meanwhile… In Reno, Ute Nation, the team of Blindside, Gunz, Steel Sandman and Sally are mounting up. The bigrig called Scabbard has Gladius, the souped up mustang that Blindside drives along with Cerberus, it's angry pissed off and armored cousin, inside and secured. Sally drives her own mustang. In Leviathan, the heavy industrial transport, Sandman is hanging out while Steel rides shotgun in Scabbard. It's several tons of high speed rolling thunder… and they escort a convoy of ten other big rigs. This? This is going to be an epic run.

The rigs roll out - Scabbard in the center of the pack with it's sensors pinging passively, while Leviathan takes the front. Coming down old Interstate 80, headed for Truckee and Auburn, the convoy encounters no resistance from Cal Free forces. Normally they could ride 80 all the way into halferville, but this is not a normal time. Traffic in and around Sacramento is snarled by the devastation in Davis. Several viaducts are washed out or covered in debris and structurally unsound, so the traffic is being shunted to highway 99. The only choice Blindside and his convoy have is to divert to 99, then catch four across the delta.. a veritable tour of backwoods California. Yes, Virgina, California has rednecks, hicks and shotguns.

Sally takes point in Baby, running ahead of the convoy by about 5 miles, blowing speed limits and drawing attention to herself. A tried and true technique, it's been made popular in a hundred trids and flatvids from 'Smoky and the Bandit' to 'Runner and Crash'.

Roaring ahead down the road, Sally has Gunz in the passenger seat when she spots a low moving Ishani-3 scout helicopter. Used by the Japanese Marines as a scouting platform, the Ishani-3 has a good sensor and electronics suite, making it an ideal smuggler stopper.

Calling back across the comm, Janie relays the info back to Scabbard. "Scout chopper, 290 by 5, heading right for us!" She calls out, marking the chopper as due west.

Leviathan, the massive industrial mover with the heavy (concealed) armor and advanced sensor suite powers up its electro-magnetic counter measures grid, filling the air with static for those who don't make friends with the convoy. However, the EMC is not powerful enough, and it's clear the convoy's been made.

Mon Mar 19 2072

Meanwhile, in the Sioux non-contiguous sector, talented busker Myson Avers is in the news. Petty crime is a rare enough event in the AAA downtown zone, much less a violent one. Busking on the corner of 5th and Trident, Myson observed an armed robbery, a brazen attack on a woman. While police response was swift, with Eagle Security Services arriving promptly - alerted by security drones - it was Myson who apprehended the suspect by throwing the bow of his violin with such accuracy and force as to shatter both the bow and the assailant's gun hand.

Mon Mar 19 2072

Mental note. Never frag with Steel. He stands, brushing off his hands atop a small pile of guards. He looks back to Sally, as if gesturing to the trucks, for her to take them. Sally's eyes go wide, as a final guard, unseen by Steel, pops up from behind the truck and starts sending fire down range at Steel. He however, this guard, did not count on Sandman, who simply stares at him.

And stares at him.

And stares at him.

Until the guard crumples.

"Did that with my mind, pretty cool, huh?" Asks Sandman, nodding to the trucks. "Lets get these back to Halferville… then get the hell out of here."

"Best plan I heard all day!" says Sally.

And so, with Sally on point in her Baby, Blindside in Scabbard surfing porn while driving, Steel in Leviathan and Flint sitting on top of Leviathan, the convoy returns to Halferville, drops off the cargo to the rightful owners… and hauls 9 metric tonnes of ass back to Denver. Job well done.

Sat Mar 24 2072

Meanwhile… in Barstow.

The first convoy of refugees from the Mojave have arrived. Worn and weary, they lack for basic supplies and facilities. Barstow has been hampered by a lack of resources, despite the water flowing. A massive camp is being set up in the desert, with water piped in from the river, but sanitation, supplies and shelter are in short short supply. Tempers are running hot as the sun, and the California Free State seems to have nothing to offer. Indeed, the biggest contribution from Cal Free seems to be a steady stream of trucks siphoning off water. Water rustlers - bane of california, and no fricken joke.

Mon Mar 26 2072

Did you hear about that guy, Air? He was down in the Bare Knuckle Gym, in the Warrens and Sandman apparently mouthed off to him. Fragger shot Sandman in the back! Left him sucking his own lungs and then walked outside to smoke a fag. I dunno how I'd mark that one, but at the end of the day… I sure trust that guy a lot less. (Rep Que: +1 Unbalanced, +1 Blatant, -30 PP)

Mon Mar 26 2072

Down in Little Amazon Park, in the Aztlan Sector… Laura and Naomi were moving gear from one vehicle to another and drew the eyes of two Aztlan police. Upon question, turns out it was a big toy car, and after a SIN check… Naomi's credstick appeared to be broken. The cops had no idea that it was a fake SIN and merely asked them to leave until the elf could get her credstick repaired or replaced. Folks grin slightly - another moment of beating the man.

Sat Mar 31 2072

… From the Ute Nation's Las Vegas Corporate Enclave. Despite the difficulties that nation faces, the Corporate Enclave is a hotbed of economic activity. Gambling and tourism are bedrocks, but rising high to match, nearly eclipse are Energy Technologies and R&D for a wide range of things. Las Vegas's corporate structure, overseen by the Paiute Tribal Corporation and in partnership with several AA level corporations is a shining beacon of what -can- be done even in the middle of nowhere.

More interestingly, since the activation of Gaiatronic's 'Mother-1' facility, the largest fission reactor in North America, shadowruns in Las Vegas have flown fast and furious. Corporations are rising over night, being bought out and snuffed in the next sunrise. The Corporate Council is keeping a lid on it, but things are heating up as people prepare for the upcoming Nellis Baja Challenge…

What is the Nellis Baja Challenge? Oh, so glad you asked. It's an annual race from Coyote Springs to Tonopah, Ute Nation. Racing through the old Nellis bombing range, past such landmarks as Trinity Crater or Groom Lake (Also called 'area 51') and through the main practice bombing range of the US Air Force, this event is a highlight of the year for racing enthusiasts, carnage enthusiasts and gamblers alike.

The vehicles are armed, armored and very few holds are barred. Rules are in place regarding caliber and ammunition as well as armor thickness, but beyond that, there's almost no rules.

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