Globalemits February 2012

February 2012

Tues Feb 28 2072

Las Vegas, LVCE… a glittering palace of corporate affluence and an oasis in the desert. Greedy eyes watch it, hungry eyes. Iron Eyes. The patrons on the strips walk along in their consumerist haze of personal fulfillment, chasing their dreams of riches. The Paiute tribe grows wealthy, strong and powerful on their control of the city's infrastructure.

East of the city, in the crags and hills leading to Lake Havasu, a team of Ute Nation rangers hunkers down. A moment later, a blast lights up the night sky. Well placed, without warning, the explosives detonate. Power relay tower one collapses onto tower two, which collapses to tower three, a cascade of relay towers ripping each other apart. The lights in Las Vegas go out.

In the LVCE, President Jonas Conners of Gaiatronics rubs his temples. It was not a cooincidence that the LVCE Corporate Board was meeting when the power went down. "Really?" Asks Jonas, looking around the room as backup power comes online.

"Really." Says William Huhuseca, Governor of the Denver Ute Nation. "This is about the level of his subtlety. Been dealing with this in Denver for two years now."

"Well." Says Jonas. "At least we knew this was coming. Michaels!"

"Yessir!" Says the younger man, sitting forward.

"Reroute the grid. Start Mother One's feed."

"Yes SIR!"

Mother One. Deep under the sands of the former Nellis Air Force Base, hidden under layers of bedrock, steel and concrete, Mother One sits. Humming and thrumming, she's been ready for a month, but sitting dormant. With the press of a switch, with the entering of a few lines of computer code, she moves from dormancy to full power, the power of stars and the power of the atom.

But the only way any one in Las Vegas would notice… would be the return of light. The outage is brief, the sort of thing most people wouldn't worry about. Less than 3 minutes of total blackness before Mother One's output of energy exceeds the cities needs.

Hoover Dam, now severed from the city, has an output that does not quite meet the power requirements of Las Vegas. Mother One's output exceeds Las Vegas' requirement and in the same moment, starts exporting power to Los Angeles and Santa Fe. Mother one… is one huge fusion reactor.

Wed Feb 29 2072

While Las Vegas' lights went out, eyes in Denver fell on Aurora. Rocket fire is never common in the Warrens despite shadow rumors of it being a lawless hellhole. Still, someone has armed a few gangs with military grade bang-bang, and Tir Llwen felt the brunt of such with a blistering barrage late last night/early this morning. One can still smell the burning flesh in the air and see the carnage in that sector. Who is to blame? Likely the orks. More importantly, who is responsible for arming these gangs with this sort of stuff? It's a question that Lone Star, Knight Errant, and more than a few runners are interested in.

Wed Feb 29 2072

Meanwhile, in the Las Vegas Corporate Enclave, the Paiute Corporate Tribal Council and Gaiatronics have announced that the Mother One Project has been a joint venture between the two organizations. The most powerful tribal coalition in the South west Ute Nation, the PCTC is second only to the Ute Tribal Council of Provo for tribal power in the Ute Nation itself.

Long enriched by their control of the logistical support of the LVCE and working in partnership with the corporate board there, the Paiute have been long uneasy with the 'reforms' of Great Chief Michael Iron Eyes and Jacob Two Skins, head of the Ministry of Self Determination. With High Justice Raymond Sykes taking refuge in Las Vegas and organizing active resistance to the Ministry, the Paiute are pushed closer to declaring independence by the attack on the Hoover Dam Relay Complex.

Wed Feb 29 2072

So Stitch heads on down to Tir Llwen to help out the dandelion eaters. Medkit in hand, a spell under her breath, the stunter waddles in. She's not much of a talker (Etti@7, 0 successes) so while she's tolerated, she's not given a protection detail. She's on her own. But she bravely shoulders onward, enduring the usual sniper potshots with some difficulty. (Athletics@6, 1 success)

She works as fast as she can, but runs out of supplies pretty quickly, given the scope of the trauma being treated. Antiseptic runs out, followed by bandages, and soon she's just washing cuts with dirty water - which is better than nothing but bound to be infected. (Biotech@6, 1 success). It's a stroke of luck that she ducked when she did, to treat a slender woman - as a rocket propelled grenade detonates just to the left of her. Though the concussive wave is stopped by the half brick wall between her and the grenade, she suffers a serious wound when a brick turns into masonry shrapnel, cutting her forehead, chest and right arm with shards of razor sharp, subsonic rock. (Body@4, 1 success)

Sucks to be a healer in the warrens sometimes.

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