Globalemits February 2012

February 2012

Thu Feb 2 2072

Things in the Mile High City seem to be returning to normal. There are intermittent bursts of magical static, and even the occasional stray summoning of something small and vaguely demonic like a bunny with glowing eyes and a horn. Still, things are quieting down for the most part and the city can breath a sigh of relief as much needed trucks and trains and planes begin to make the arduous journey with the supplies that fuel humanity. Beneath Cherry Creek Lake, all seems peaceful. The shimmering moonlight effect has gone away, the waters gently lapping against the shoreline as the
wind blows. And yet .. and yet .. a feeling of something left incomplete can be felt by those that chance the park

Wed Feb 8 2072

Fires mar the evening sky as explosions rock Orktown. The Scattered Dice, a well-known orkish bar and gang hangout, is well scattered now. The Horsemen are blaming the elves, the elves are blaming the orks for starting the war. Knight Errant reports that the rumor that one of their drones fired live ammunition into the Warrens is unfounded. Regardless of who is to blame, seventeen are dead and ten injured with severe burns from white phosphorus and high explosive rockets.

Fri Feb 10 2072

Denver politics is never simple, and never more so than now. At least three rumors say that Jeremy Falloon is on the way out, and Betty Kalheim may be going as well. The CAS Councilwoman has made a number of enemies over the years, and some of them are moving against her. It's election season in the CAS and UCAS, and the talking points are starting to include Denver.

Sat Feb 11 2072

The city still recovers, much like the rest of the world, from the fall out from the Mana Storm. The occasional mana surge has been noted here and there, especially in areas more likely to have them. Further, there have been a number of strange births after the storm with babies born with mutations that go beyond simple genetic expression and perhaps even beyond that experienced by SURGE. Those pregnant or likely to become so, especially magicians and metahumans, are warned to see a doctor immediately.

Sun Feb 12 2072

Several portions of the Ute Nation are under siege by nature. While the mana storms have broken up across the world, they are still quite prevalent in the Nation. Las Vegas was cut off from the rest of the world by horrific storms with orange/blue flashes of lightning and unsubstantiated rumors of some sort of wolf-like creatures roaming the desert outside the city. A bastion against the storm, Salt Lake City remains untouched. Finally, rumors of orichalcum and strange gold-like jewels have been found in the wake of the storm have brought in treasure hunters and adventurers.

The number of clinic visits throughout the city seems to be rising over the last few days. Many women, but a growing number of men, have been reporting cases of nausea, flu-like symptoms, and a general sense of 'not feeling well'. Many doctors in the Shadows are reporting that a larger than average number of their patients are magicians or magical in nature. At least one male is rumoured to be exhibiting all the hallmarks of being pregnant as well.

Mon Feb 13 2072

Clinics are now officially in the 'overwhelmed' stage as thousands of Denver and Front Range residents are flocking to medical centers. Dubbed 'the Kissing Disease', doctors are baffled at how it came about and more importantly, how to stop it. Symptoms include nausea, body aches, lethargy, blurred vision, dry mouth, and a general sense of being run down. A statement from Denver General remarked that the disease seems to be spread by interpersonal contact that, while limited to sexual relations and sharing fluids, could easily jump over that barrier to being spread by virtually any contact at all, no matter how limited.

Tues Feb 14 2072

Australia has reappeared some time back after the Mana Storm took it somewhere else. That said, the Wonder from Down Under has been having problems in the aftermath of the storm, namely with increased mana ebbs and flows, with entire parts of the continent going mana dark or suddenly being overcharged. Some scientists believe that what is happening in Australia could happen in the Ute Nation or other parts of the world.

Tues Feb 14 2072

Worrisome information has been coming to light with regard to the "Kissing Disease". It seems that some research has indicated that there are some sort of 'creatures' that are infesting some of those with the disease. The CDC and Denver doctors are keeping this data hush hush, but the backchannels and shadow connections are passing it along. Some say that the creatures are from the Mana Storm, while others claim that someone opened a magical crypt and released them. Whatever the rationale, they seem to be eating the residents of Denver.

Wed Feb 15 2072

For the most part, the so-called Kissing Disease in Denver is contained to a relative few. Many have reported flu-like symptoms but no other ill effects other than being run down. A small percentage, some say less than ten percent of the population, are reporting more serious conditions. Denver General PR Director Sally Umbridge denied rumors that the ten percent that are suffering more extensively are the Awakened. Interestingly, the Kissing Disease seems to be only taking place in Denver, which has promoted more than a few rumours that someone let something out during the storm.

Thur Feb 16 2072

Things continue to look bleak for Denver as more and more people report flu-like symptoms. Moreover, those already infected seem to be getting worse, and while no one has died directly from the Kissing Disease, it is clear that it is only a matter of time. Those most affected seem to be the Awakened, who are starting to report loss of ability, hallucinations, and upper respiratory problems. Some doctors have even said that they do not expect those most affected to survive another 72 hours without treatment.

It's a busy day in the Mile High City. People are wretchedly sick, of course, but there is movement in the shadwows as well. Trixmail and calls in and out of the Draco Foundation are coming hot and heavy today, and word on the street is that there are a lot of people looking for dragon's scales and leavings. What that means for the illness is still up for grabs, but talk is that the Draco has at least four prospective 'cures' coming in to talk to them.

A ray of hope has struck the city, centered in a church here, a cloud there. A gentle rain has started falling on the Mile High City, something that is rare enough to draw attention in this area (rain isn't common here). All across the city there are reports of people feeling remarkably better after going to a local church, after feeling better just listening to the rain fall. Fevers are breaking across the city and the afflicted are feeling already a hundred percent better. A sense of peace, of completion marks this night and it is almost certain that there are many that will face the new dawn with a better appreciation for life .. and kissing.

Fri Feb 17 2072

According to rumor and innuendo, the Foundation set up by the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn conducted a rain ritual last night, blessing Denver with moisture as well as, apparently, a cure to whatever was ailing it. The streets are abuzz with the fact that it was the runner community that came up with the cure for the so-called Kissing Disease and that The Draco Foundation administered it across the city while other interests spread it via the churches, the sewers, in apartments and other locals. Whatever the facts, the good will that the DF and the runners have earned will be ongoing .. till the next crisis (End of The Kissing Disease Plot. Thanks!)

Sun Feb 19 2072

Mardi Gras is in less than two days, and not just New Orleans is preparing. Decorations and parades are planned all weekend in the CAS Sector, with a number of festivals planned on Tejon Street. Security is heightened this year after threats were made regarding Betty Kalheim, the CAS Councilwoman who will be on one of the main floats this year. Expect Lone Star presence to be omnipresent in the Sector for the next few days.

The city is fairly quiet, unnaturally quiet, in fact. The sort of quiet that makes one wonder when the other shoe is going to drop, when the next catastrophe will strike. The Warrens are still a hellhole, and while some have concerts and scrap the the streets, others starve and freeze on a daily basis. A general sense of disquiet permiates the city as those afraid of magic, those tired of magicians causing trouble for the city, those who want a quieter life, they are talking. And it isn't a good talk.

Mon Feb 20 2072

A whispered rumor has been making its way across the city and even further out: many spirits seem to be changing. Formerly friendly so-called free spirits are no longer answering calls, no longer coming when beckoned. Further, those that many have met have changed in some way, perhaps as a result of the Mana Storm. No matter the cause, one thing is clear from reports across the shadows: Do not trust spirits and their gateways. There are rumors of spirits trapping souls on the metaplanes or sending their charges to places far and away from where they desired. And even more rumors of spirits devouring the life force and souls of those willing to exchange such for knowledge and power.

Tues Feb 21 2072

Mardi Gras! All around the world Carnival has been celebrated, a sense of rebirth and a new chance the central theme in many cities. In Denver, the celebrations are mostly centered in the UCAS and CAS Sectors, though every sector seems to have their own little parties and parades. Many have called off work today, and even in the Warrens there is a sense of goodwill, with alcohol flowing freely and the murders on an ebb. Of course, nothing good lasts. Some believe that this little respite will be gone by nightfall, and that new problems will face the city.

Tues Feb 21 2072

Often forgotten about when there isn't conflict or border slow downs, the Ute Nation is still having issues. The beleaguered nation, under the "guidance" of the Ministry of Self-Determination, is working hard to become self-reliant. Rumors from inside the Nation from embedded reporters and "freedom fighters" suggest that the government is stockpiling weapons and food in case other nations embargo them. To make matters worse, other rumors suggest that they are investigating old USA military bases, some of which may have materials left behind in the States haste to exit the Nation. While most do not believe they have nuclear materials, there is troubling talks of things far worse.

Thur Feb 23 2072

Things are getting more and more complicated in the Ute Nation as more calls come for Huhuseca's removal as Councilman-Governor of the Sector. The Ministry of Self-Determination contines to take a larger and larger hand in the day to day operations of the Nation, including helping craft newer, more stringent VISA laws for Anglos and even other tribes. Some say there are calls to remove some tribal metahumans as well.

Security is noticeably tighter around the Council Chambers and especially near Councilwoman Kalheim's residence after reports of unidentified individuals near both areas. By itself neither of those are particularly notable events. However, anonymous sources state that the Kalheim resident received a human finger in a parcel, which raised a great number of problems and excited Lone Star.

Fri Feb 24 2072

A brief parade and festivals mark Dia de la Bandera in the Aztlan Sector. While not offically recognized as such by the country, the people still enjoy this day and take time to celebrate this Mexican holiday with music, food, and family. Aztechnology silently approves of this activity, claiming that it helps inspire camaraderie among countrymen. That said, Aztechnology Corporate Security is taking itself more serious than usual today and is out in force after the threats against Councilwoman Kalheim. The Councilwoman is to be a guest of Hector Ramirez at this evenings celebration.

Sat Feb 25 2072

Things continue to spiral down the tubes in the Warrens, or as it is known around here as 'Saturday'. The orks and elves keep shooting at each other, and when the ammo is low they resort to rocks. The Sinners and the Saints and their associated hanger-on continue to try to work out who is actually worse, the drug pushers or the sex pushers, while other gangs jockey for position in the grand scheme of things. Runners in the city try to change the status quo as well, with gifts of ammo, of rockets, of magical assistance. There is a feeling something is coming soon, something that will alter things forever.

Sun Feb 26 2072

The Manastorm is gone, but it's effects still linger and reverberate in the manasphere. Ley lines hum and thrum with extra power, new lines activate while old ones fall silent. One such line runs under Quincy Reservoir. Unstable for weeks, it finally gutters and dies, its filament extinguished. Roosevelt, a free spirit of some power that had called Quincy his home for some time, has decamped to parts unknown. Deep under the brackish water, something explodes, sending a pressure wave through the water. Waves pound the shore for a moment.. and then there is stillness again.

Mon Feb 27 2072

The Warrens are not quiet as the month draws to a close. Rather, things are starting to become more and more frantic as varying factions start to make their plays. Fires light the night as the Horsemen lead their minor factions to their borders and Elves sharpen arrows and cock sniper rifles, ready to mete out death. King James calls for peace to no avail, and the Sinners claim the Saints are little more than patsies for the Mafia. Another night in the Warrens, or the beginning of the end?

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