Globalemits November 2011

November 2011

Mon Nov 14 2071

Word coming out of Austin is that the Jaguatal Joint Strike Fighter was recovered by the CAS and was transported out of the city. A great deal of on-site examination was done before it was moved, which is probably for the best. While in route along CAS I-35, the aircrafts self-destruct sequence, which previously had been thought damaged in the crash, activated. The resulting fireball killed twelve guards on the convoy, destroyed three vehicles and an overpass.

Tue Nov 15 2071

UCAS Marine Corps weapons experts based out of Quantico, North Virginia are reporting that based on footage and blast evidence from the scene of the destruction of the CAS's captured 'Jaguatal' JSF, that the blast is not consistent with a self destruct detonation. Instead, they claim the blast originated underneath the aircraft, likely in the trailer of the truck carrying the JSF. Secondary detonation of the JFS's self destruct was then observed but the initial explosion… was external in nature.

Here in Denver… things in the back alleys and board rooms are heating up. Spinrad industries is opening a new Development Studio in Arapaho, in WarpDrive Matrix's own backyard. Word on the street is that some middlemen known to Spinrad in Europe have taken up residence in the CAS sector, perhaps setting up a bit of shadow-networking.

Tue Nov 15 2071

In Ork Town, Metal Dave examines the situation. His boy Sherm is dead, shotgun blast to the back of his head. Now, his boys in the Regulators say it happened when the Blackboot Skins attacked, but theres the niggling issue of a blow to the back when attacked. This matter is seemingly resolved when the Regulators bring the mutilated, but still alive form of Jimmy Ninewords to Metal Dave. Seems Jimmy Ninewords cut himself a deal with certain elements in Tir Llewn to get himself out of the 'rens.

So now Metal Dave's fortified compound has a new door knocker. Just punch Jimmy in the nuts when you want in. He'll scream loud enough, even if he has iron spikes through his shoulders holding him to that wall.

Wed Nov 16 2071

In the Arapaho district of the CAS FTZ last night, Jefferies LCD reported a break-in. A developer of inter-linking and communications protocols for for industrial software, Jefferies is a wholly owned subsidiary of WarpDrive Matrix. While they sell nothing to the consumer market, they are a major player in business-to-business sales, with their code being foundational in heavy mining, aerospace and auto manufacturing.

Wed Nov 16 2071

Meanwhile… down in Castle Rock… a local fixer known as 'Jake' has gotten himself in to a bit of trouble. Word is that he had taken in a crate of HongKong Specials from the Vory to have them redistributed, but in a break in, the crate, and all its weapons have gone missing. This is very bad for Jake, because he didn't get paid for the goods… and neither have the Vory. He's got about three days to find that crate… or have it found… before he's gonna have some problems with his client -and- his supplier.

Thu Nov 17 2071

In the CAS portion of the FTZ, Zest Automotive found itself in a rather problematic quandary - it has no cars. Zest, a subsidiary of Spinrad Industries, specializes in the rental and lease of exotic cars to the elite. Zest is something of a personal icon for playboy Johnny Spinrad, symbolizing his devil-may-care persona. In Denver however, employees found that 30 of their vehicles were missing, including a 1936 Bugatti, a 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and a 1969 Dodge Charger. No sign of forced entry has been detected and all alarm systems appeared to be functional.

Fri Nov 18 2071

Out in the town of Bennet, UCAS Sector, Denver FRFZ, the unthinkable seems to have happened. Someone… reported a crime. And not just any crime - someone robbed the drug store. Small town U.S.A (And Canada!) may never be the same again. Knight Errant is taking this crime, the armed robbery of a small retail store very seriously. Why, some might ask, such a small crime gets so much attention? Because Bennet pays an incredible sum of money to Knight Errant for the best service money can buy. And Knight Errant delivers.

Fri Nov 18 2071

Meanwhile, in the Pueblo Sector… Coal Canyon Power Plant has been fully rebuilt - fusion generators back online for several weeks. The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is slated for later this evening. Several small environmental organizations are planning to protest the event, with a variety of different reasons ranging from 'A fusion plant named after dirt coal' to 'more encroachment on the natural biome' to 'fusion gives off undetectable radiation that's making my kid crazy'. Pueblo Security Enterprises promises not to let the ceremony be interrupted.

Sat Nov 19 2071

Castle Rock doesn't have much of a fire department. Not much of an anything department really. It's a rural wasteland. So when Jake's barn burns down, no one arrives to help him out. What really sucks for Jake, is that that was where his gunsmithing shop was, as well as all his stock. The fixer Jake will be unable to help anyone with guns or ammo for the next 3 months.

Mon Nov 2171

In news of the Sioux - Mary Cat Dancing, venerable Sioux representative to the Council of Denver was seen today for the first time in nearly six months, when she arrived at a meeting of the Denver Council this morning. At first, she was denied entry into the chambers, until a DNA match proved she was infact, Mary Cat Dancing. It's an easy mistake to make, thinking Mary Cat Dancing is not Mary Cat dancing when Mary Cat Dancing is 89 and this Mary Cat Dancing looks closer to 30. Leonization. What thing to have access to.

Mon Nov 21 2071

News out of Washington FDC: President Kyle Haeffner is kicking off the 2072 Election Cycle with a whistlestop train tour of the UCAS. Starting in Washington FDC and traveling up the eastern seaboard, he will visit Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, Providence, Boston, Manchester, Augusta, then come back south to Montpelier, Ottawa, Toronto and Buffalo. Further visits are expected to be announced. This will be the first Grand Tour of the nation by a sitting president since the Union.

Mon Nov 21 2071

Looking out over Downtown Denver from the office balcony on the 84th floor of the Kaiser Building, Aspanu Innocenti looks to the south. His hands clasped behind his back, he seems the very picture of collected calm. "Sergi." Says he, his features distant. "We have an understanding, do we not?" He asks as a functionary steps forward to offer both men a cigar from a fine cedar box. Picking one up, Aspani clips the end with an elegant blade.

The larger russian picks a cigar, which Aspanu clips for him. "Da, moy priyatyel. We have… good understanding. It is very good."

"What…" Asks Aspsanu, striking a wooden match to light his cigar, puffing around it to bring the head to full glow. "What would you say your braat in the warrens have been doing? Would you…" He pauses again, to light Sergi's cigar. "… characterize it is very friendly?"

"Nyet." Says Sergi, puffing his own to light. "Will be handled. Da. How is your daughter? She is entering college now?"

"Ahh yes. Angelica. She's going into Law, like me, at Harvard. A father could not be prouder."

Tue Nov 22 2071

Docwagon Medical Services, a provider of emergency recovery, stabilization and transport services for well-to-do clients, is dropping the ball. The Denver Council's Subcomittee on infrastructure and civic services is quoting a 2071 study which indicates their response time city-wide has lengthened from an average of 90 seconds to nearly 180 seconds, which puts the venerable and respected combat-ambulance service in jeopardy of its rather lucrative contract. CrashCart and Medicarro are already lining up lobbyists to argue in favor of an early bid - something not scheduled to happen for another 4 years, in 2075.

Fri Nov 25 2071

The Osaka Maru, a transoceanic freighter bound from Osaka to Seattle with over 1000 cargo containers of asian imports has gone missing some 300 miles off the Coast of Seattle. The massive cargo ship, some 1700 feet from stern to bow, and some 200 feet of beam, with a draft of over 80 feet, is one of the largest on the seas. Satellite tracking shows her course as steady and weather clear before a garbled distress call reported the ship was under attack and taking on water. A debris field has been located, along with an oil slick several miles in length. However, the ship itself is presumed sunk and no survivors have been recovered.

Mon Nov 28 2071

After an exhaustive 4 day search of the North Pacific, UCAS Coast Guard, working in cooperation with the Tir CG and Salish CG have called it quits. The massive transoceanic freighter has been declared lost with all hands. The bell of the Mariners Chapel on Council Island in Seattle was rung 52 times, in synchronization with the Shinto Shrine of Sailors in Osaka Harbor in memorial.

Mon Nov 28 2071

Word on the street is Keegan, you know, that old bitch who runs the Cybered Arms, is looking at exiting the shadow scene. She is reportedly looking for a buyer for the bar, but not just anyone will do. No elves, no injuns, no finger wigglers, no un-augmenteds, no flatlines, no lamers, no country music listeners, no trogs, no blacks, no asians, no corpers, no chipheads, no gibsonites, no dragons. Also, no dragons.

Mon Nov 28 2071

"Well, you don't see this every day." Said Arthur Davenport, regional investigator for the Corporate Court. He was standing there, looking at the hulk of the Osaka Maru, a transoceanic freighter some 1400 feet in length. A truly massive ship, as long as a 140 story building is tall. And here it was, some 15,500 feet in the air, on the Mawenzi peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

"Nope." Says Noti Makoti, Mr. Davenport's personal assistant. "How the feck did this happen?"

"Not a single mote of clue, Mr. Makoti. Not a single clue."

Mon Nov 28 2071

Every once in a while something happens that makes you go 'huh'. Something like that happened at the Cybered Arms tonight, down in the Rez. So no drek, there we were, as two Ghouls walked right into the 'Arms. But they was all disguised, right? After they proceeded to ask for blood the magic must of worn off revealing the three ghouls in their true ugly form. Maybe this was some kind of Ghoul Fraternity Hazing Prank or something. I dunno chummer. First time in years I've seen Keegan in action, and she was smooth as she was 30 years ago. Quick as you please, she drew her shotgun and BAM BAM… two dead cannibals. Ghoul blood was everywhere, a milky white eye dripped slowly off the big cybered skull on the wall overhead, but Keegan? Drek man… Keegan just put out a bowl of fresh pretzels like nothing happened.

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