Rating AAA
World Headquarters Tenochtitlan (Mexico City)
President/CEO Unknown
Chairman of the Board Unknown
Corporate Status Publicly Traded

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
4 8 6 7
Cybernetics Consumer
4 6 6 10
Entertainment Finance Service Heavy
4 6 7 6
Mystic Goods
8 7
Mega-corporate Total


Aztechnology, headquartered in Tenochtitlan, Aztlan, is the second largest corporation in the world and the largest corporation in North America. Aztechnology is the number one producer of consumer goods in the world. It is also number one in the Magical Industry. The corporation strongly supports the Aztlaner government, which in turn enacts a number of laws at the advantage of Aztechnology. The corporation is privately owned and does not disclose the names of its shareholders and board members. On the other hand, it heavily uses publicity to support its foods and consumer goods sales.

Corporate History

Aztechnology began life in 2007 when a group of drug cartels purchased a resource development company and renamed it the ORO Corporation (ORO stood for Ortega, Ramos and Oriz, the three major cartel figures who founded it). A year later, large deposits of Molybdenum were discovered off the Panama coast, in an area where the sole exploitation rights were held by ORO. The resulting windfall ensured ORO’s ascension into the ranks of the foremost industrial corporations.

During the subsequent decade, several Central American nations were transformed into corporate pawns of ORO. At ORO’s behest, these nations repealed laws against software piracy and illegal distribution, allowing ORO to begin stealing software products and reselling them at much-reduced prices. ORO’s outraged competitors could do little; none of ORO’s vassal states acknowledged corporate extraterritoriality, though ORO’s actions resulted in a long-lasting enmity with most of the future megacorps of the 2050s.

ORO’s greatest victory came in the early years of the 2010s. When VITAS scourged Mexico in 2010, ORO wasted little time in providing humanitarian aid; after the Mexican government collapsed the following year, ORO established the world’s first Matrix-based electoral system, ensuring its chosen politicians from the Azatlan Party came to power. The new government’s first act was to rename the country Aztlan.

ORO swiftly transferred its headquarters to Mexico City (now renamed Tenochtitlan) and in 2022 renamed itself Aztechnology. The corporation spent the next two decades assisting Aztlan’s expansion both north and south of its Mexican core, until the country (read: the corporation) stretched from northern Colombia to the former US Southwest.

When in 2044 Aztechnology ordered Aztlan to nationalize all other corporate assets in its territory, the other megacorps responded four years later by assaulting Atechnology’s Ensenada facilities. With the Corporate Court backing its enemies, Aztechnology had to negotiate; however, during the subsequent Veracruz Settlement the company managed to limit the penetration of Aztlan by its rivals.

The 2050 massacre of civilians by Aztlan soldiers near Campeche saw the explosion of Aztechnology’s next major struggle. The Yucatan peninsula erupted into full-scale rebellion, necessitating the ever-greater commitment of more soldiers and better weapons to combat the rebellion.

The Corporate War of 2059 and the downfall of Fuchi Industrial Electronics saw Aztechnology rise to become the second-most powerful of the world’s megacorps, just after Saeder-Krupp.


Maria Pintero, Johnson
Rodrigez Maraposa, Johnson
Roman Hendoza, Johnson

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