Rating AAA
World Headquarters Hong Kong Free Enterprise Enclave
President/CEO Wu-Lung Wei
Chairman of the Board Wu-Lung Wei
Corporate Status Publicly Traded
Major Shareholders
Wu Lung Wei (24%)
Fu Peng (12%)
Sharon Chiang-Wu (11%)
James Harper-Smythe (8%)
Malaysian Independent Bank (8%)

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
3 6 5 4
5 4 4
Entertainment Finance Service
7 6 8 9
Mystic Goods
5 3 6
Megacorporate Total


Wuxing, Incorporated, headquartered in Hong Kong, is one of the Big Ten AAA Megacorporations, and it is the largest Hong Kong/Chinese megacorporation. It is one of the newest members of the Corporate Court (along with Novatech and Cross Applied Technologies) and a founding member of the Pacific Prosperity Group. It is most heavily involved in finance, shipping, and consumer goods and services, but like most megacorporations, it has investments in other areas. Wuxing is well-known for its unique magical research, focusing on Spirits of the Elements and Wujen. Its influence with the Pacific Prosperity Group gives it power and influence out of proportion to its (relatively) small size, and it is starting to make waves in the Sixth World.

A relative newcomer on the scene, Wuxing made world headlines with being mentioned in Dunkelzhan's will. Left the Dragon of Wind and Fire as well as the CEO's wife given the Second Coin of Luck, this second-rate company suddenly skyrocketed into the AAA. Is it magic? Is it Dukelzhan's influence from beyond the grave, or is there more to this company than most have seen?


  • Finance
          • Wuxing Financial Services
          • Prosperity Development Corporation
          • Albion Mutual Funds
          • Fidelity Mutual Insurance Corporation
          • Malaysian Independent Bank
  • Shipping
          • Wuxing Worldwide Shipping
          • Swift Wind Deliveries
          • Minh-Pao Exports
          • Cartwright Cartage and Freight Inc.
  • Consumer Goods and Services
          • Jam-Bo Games
          • Eastern Electronics
          • Lotus Multimedia
          • Four Winds Press
          • Tiger Trideo and Simsense
          • Soba Foods
          • Saito Studios
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