Rating AAA
World Headquarters Osaka, Japan
President/CEO Tadashi Shiawase
Chairman of the Board Sadato Shiawase
Corporate Status Publicly Traded
Major Shareholders
Sadato Shiawase (13%)
Tadashi Shiawase (11%)
Soko Shiawase (10%)
Ryoi Shiawase (10%)
Korin Yamana (8%)
Reiko Shiawase-Shimada (<3%)

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
5 8 10 7
7 6 6
Entertainment Finance Service
3 2 5 10
Mystic Goods
9 7 3
Megacorporate Total

A Household Name

Shiawase is a household name; their logo is omnipresent. They are everywhere: in the plants that make the energy to run your doss, on mass transit and garbage disposal vehicles, on the medicines in your bathroom. Seen as everyday and bland, most consumers would be shocked to know that Shiawase owns more of the world than any other megacorporation save Saeder-Krupp and perhaps Aztechnology. Bland. Average. Everyday. Ubiquitous. Even shadowrunners tend to underestimate Shiawase, thinking them boring. And that is just how they like it.

Corporate History

Shiawase Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is the third largest corporation in the world and the largest Japanese corporation. It is generally considered the first Megacorporation, defined by the Shiawase Decision in 2001. It was founded by the Shiawase family in post-WWII Japan, and to the current day, it remains a family-owned corporation. In 2060, Korin Yamana married Mitsuko Shiawse and Shiawase purchased the remains of Fuchi Industrial Electronics. Japan's Emperor Yasuhito married Shiawase Hitomi, an otaku, in 2064.

Shiawase suffered less than the other megacorporations during the Crash, likely due to a reliance on services and tangible products, serving as a buffer against the crippling effects of the data loss felt around the world. However, their conservative bent stifled their comeback, and the company lost ground.

With new purchases and a new future before it, it is left to see if the old man of the megas has overextended itself or if it can continue to persevere.


  • Shiawase Atomics
  • Shiawase Envirotech
  • Shiawase Biotech
  • Other Subsidiares
        • Arboritech
        • Desert Storm Security
        • Fuchi Simsense Studios
        • Hephaetus Technologies
        • Imperial Tech Services
        • Kuroyama Minerals
        • Ressha Corporation
        • Shiawase Armaments
        • Shiawase Health and Welfare
        • Vector Matrix Services
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