Cross Applied Technologies
Rating AAA
World Headquarters Montreal, Republic of Quebec
President/CEO Dr. Lucien Cross
Chairman of the Board Jean-Marie Cross
Corporate Status Publicly Traded
Major Shareholders
Dr. Lucien Cross (51%)
Leonard Aurelius (27%)
Jean-Marie Cross (9%)
Jezebel Surrateau (3%)

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
4 0 7 5
10 8 7
Entertainment Finance Service
7 6 4 5
Mystic Goods
4 5 2
Megacorporate Total


A Quebec based megacorporation? The jokes tend to write themselves from here, but Cross Applied Technologies (or CATCo) has closed the late night comedians mouths. One of the new kids on the block, CATCo has worked hard to get where they are and despite rumours of help from Dunkelzhan in the end it was their hard work that made this possible.

Corporate History

From humble beginnings as Cross Matrix Technologies (founded in 2034), Lucien Cross has worked hard. With a background in computer "investigative research" - read corporate espionage - Mr. Cross has had several advantages. His background taught him the value of information and so he hired the best spies he could. Quebec's anti-competition laws
gave him an advantage over foreign companies, and finally he had considerable financing from an anonymous source. Add to that his own business savvy and the rumor that he amassed millions in the Nanosecond Buyout and it is no wonder the Cross Matrix Technologies grew so quickly. After branching into other fields, it reincorporated as Cross Applied Technologies in 2044.

By 2053 it had grown large enough to demand extraterritorial status and drew attention of the other major players. Cross narrowly avoided a number of assassination attempts, and many rumors speculate some of these assassins were sent by (or paid by) Damien Knight, due to some hostile takeover of a company. In 2059 former Chairman of the Board of Ares Macrotechnology Leonard Aurelius sold all his Ares stock and became a major shareholder in CATCo, bringing several subsidiaries and high-level managers with him. This, plus a massive bankroll, saw CATCo brought into a seat on the Court in 2060, officially making it AAA status. Since then, Ares and Cross have had a subtle under the table war, quieter but none the less vicious.

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