Thermite (per kg)


10D, 6M, special







Thermite is an incendiary material sometimes used in welding operations. When ignited, thermite burns at extremely high temperatures and is capable of eating through iron, steel and plasteel. - Ignited thermite can melt through 5 centimeters of a Rating 12 barrier each Combat Turn. If the Barrier Rating is higher or lower, decrease or increase this amount by the appropriate percentage (for example, it would cut through 2.5 cm of a Rating 24 barrier each Combat Turn). Thermite burning bars melt a hole 5 centimeters in diameter; thermite formed in other shapes will burn holes sized to those shapes. - Thermite normally burns for 30 seconds (10 Combat Turns). Flammable materials, including clothing and gear, will ignite and catch fire. Any character touching burning thermite suffers 10D damage and will likely catch fire. Fire causes 6M damage at the end of each Combat Turn; increase the Power by +2 per Combat Turn. Burning thermite is both incredibly loud and bright; anyway facing it will suffer a +6 modifier from glare, - 1 per 5 meters of distance, and reduced by - 1 per turn. Flare compensation will reduce this modifier by half.

MM 114

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