Slip Spray

One Liter





Developed as a crowd-control device, Slip spray is a slick, frictionless gel dispensed by a spray tank, water cannon or splash grenade. Slip spray is a top-quality lubricant that makes any movement extremely difficult. Holding an object coated in slip spray is also challenging. Slip spray breaks down over a short period and easily washes off.

Any area covered with slip spray is considered difficult ground. A character attempting to move across such a surface must succeed in a Quickness (8) Test or fall prone; vehicles must make a Crash Test. Attempting to hold on to a coated item if either the character or item are coated requires a Quickness (8) Test as well. This test applies to firing guns that have recoil; apply recoil modifiers to the test. Slip spray breaks down in 1 D3 hours.

Man & Machine, page 114

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