Plasteel-7 Catalyst

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Many dependable plasteel alloys are on the market, but the alloy known as Plastisteel-7 merits special notice. Developed by a small industrial corp called Plasnetics, Plastisteel-7 was released at competitive prices, and large stockpiles were quickly bought. Shortly after Plasnetics mysteriously went out of business, data hit the shadows that Plastisteel-7 could be destabilized with a special catalyst spray. When the catalyst is applied to Plastisteel-7, the affected area grows warm, bubbles for several minutes and turns into a gooey substance with the consistency of chewing gum. Several hours later it returns to normal. Naturally, most users of Plastisteel-7 recalled their products. A number of facilities still feature Plastisteel-7 in walls and other structural components, simply because they couldn't afford to replace it.

Plastisteel-7 looks much like other plasteel alloys, so a successful Chemistry or Engineering (8) Test would be necessary to visually identity it. Any Plastisteel-7 that is sprayed with the catalyst bubbles for 5 minutes; anyone who touches the area during this time suffers 6L damage from heat burns. After this period, the Plastisteel-7 has the consistency of gelatin and can be pushed through. The altered Plastisteel-7 will not stick to anything and will retain its form unless relentlessly mangled out of shape.

After 1D6 hours, it returns to its normal state. The catalyst comes in a spray can containing enough solvent to affect a troll-sized section of wall. Though the formula is hard to come by, a character can easily synthesize it with a chemistry shop, a Chemistry (6) Test and a base time of 8 hours.

Man & Machine, page 113

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