Pheromones Scent Spray Plus ##red|^^*^^##

Spraycan with 10 Doses





Ever since the identification of the specific pheromones for human interaction made the bio-modification of pheromone glands possible, corporate labs have been trying to create artificial pheromones for external application. It seems that Aztechnology has succeeded, for they've created Pheromone Scent Spray, designed to work similarly to tailored pheromones do, but in various designer scents, perfumes and colognes.
An application gives the wearer a +1 to apparent Charisma, as well as +1 die to a specific Social Skill. Each specialization (Negotiation/Bargain, Negotiation/Fast Talk, etc.) has its own specific scent, and only one scent can be used at a time. Only one dose of Pheromone Spray may be active at any one time; another dose may not be applied until the first expires. The scent lasts for 1D6 x 10 minutes; in areas of high dispersion, they only last half as long. It has no effect on conjuring or astral abilities and skills. They follow all other rules for Tailored Pheromones.
An enhanced version, Pheromones Plus, is available. Pheromones Plus doubles the bonus provided.
Pheromone Spray (and Pheromone Plus) is not compatible with any type of Tailored Pheromones bioware. If applied to a person possessing Tailored Pheromones, use the better bonus, either from the spray or the bioware.
Conceal: 8 Weight: 0.25

Denver Custom Item

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