Null Scent ##red|^^*^^##

One Dose





Originally developed by the Sioux Wildcats, this drug works to limit pheromonal and sweat release, shutting down the appropriate glands. While short term use is acceptable, longer use can be detrimental to the health of the user, via overheating, dehydration, and kidney-related ailments.

Game mechanics:
This drug, when administered, inhibits sweat and pheromone release. Gamewise, this reduces the modifier on the Pheromone Scanner Table and Scent Perception rolls by 2. This -only- works to counteract existing bonuses from exertion or from bioware-related Tailored Pheromones. Thus, someone running with the Null Scent drug would have no modifier, while someone running with Tailored Pheromones Rating 2 would only have a -2 Perception Test Modifier.

While the drug is active, the user has a -1 TN modifier to be noticed with Thermographic Vision, as well as having their Signature reduced by 1 for sensor and senor-enhanced Gunnery Tests. This is cumulative with the negative modifiers given for Suprathyroid Glands.

The effects of Null Scent last 2d6 x 10 minutes


10 min

Supresses scent

Denver Custom Item

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