Nausea Gas

One Dose





Designed to incapacitate riotous crowds and break their willingness to cause a disturbance, nausea gas is a potent and loathed weapon.

A victim who breathes nausea gas will feel the need to vomit. Further, the character suffers a +5 modifier to all target numbers, -1 per Body (5) Test success. For example, a character with 2 successes would suffer a +3 modifier.

Characters who suffer a higher target number modifier than their Willpower must make another Body (5) Test or vomit. Vomiting characters are incapacitated for 3 Combat Turns. Nausea gas lasts for 5 minutes per + 1 modifier. Thus, a character with a +3 modifier is sick for 15 minutes.

Variants exist that produce the same mechanical effect while having different thematic ones. For example: Laughing Gas imposes the same penalties, but forces the victim to become giddy and fall down, laughing uncontrollably, rather than undergoing nausea and vomiting.


5 Combat Turns

Feelings of Nausea

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