One Dose





Upon its injection, MAO lowers a target's Reaction Attribute by 1 and reduces the individual's Initiative by 1d6. On target's with an active Adrenal Pump, MAO inhibits some of the pump's benefits to the character's physical Attributes. An individual with a Level 1 adrenal pump receives only the Reaction bonus (his total Reaction is then modified as above). A character with a Level 2 adrenal pump receives his normal Reaction bonus (+6, but with the total Reaction modified as above) - but all other attributes are modified as if he had only a Level 1 pump (i.e. only +1 Quickness, +1 Strength, and +1 Willpower). MAO's duration is 10 Combat Turns, minus 1 Turn per success on a Body (4) Test. Any further applications have no effect until the current dose is flushed out of the subject's system.



12L stun

Man & Machine, page 120

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