Long Haul

One Dose





A combination of synthesized hormones and other brain-regulating chemicals, long haul stimulates the brain and keeps the user awake, obviating the need for sleep. A long haul user can go without sleep for approximately four days but suffers a tough "crash" period afterward.

A character dosed on long haul can remain awake for four days - without incurring any modifiers from fatigue or weariness. After this time, however, the user immediately passes out and sleeps soundly for 8D6 hours. If the character is kept awake during this period, he suffers +6 to all target numbers and is inflicted with hallucinations and disorientation, as well as an inability to concentrate.

If a second dose of long haul is taken after the first has worn off, the character can stay awake an additional 1d6/2 days. However, after that period, he suffers 10D Stun damage and must crash as detailed above. Long haul cannot keep a character awake past this point, no matter how many additional doses are administered.


10 min

Avoid the requirement of Sleep (for a while)

Man & Machine, page 120

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