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Kamikaze is a tailored amphetamine combat drug. In moderate doses, kamikaze can give users an edge, somewhat equalizing the odds when unaugmented (either biologically or cybernetically) individuals face augmented opponents in combat. As use continues and addiction grows, the individual requires larger doses, and adverse side effects begin to manifest. Large doses can cause excitement, tremors, momentary euphoria and dilated pupils. Excess doses (bordering on overdose level) cause anxiety, hallucinations and uncontrolled muscular movements. Even higher dosages lead to death.

Used as a battle stimulant, kamikaze adds + 1 Body, + 1 Quickness, +2 Strength, + 1 Willpower and + 1 D6 to calculated Initiative (these bonuses may also increase calculated reaction and Dice Pools). It also provides pain resistance equivalent to four levels of the adept power. The effects of kamikaze last 10 x 1 D6 minutes.

When kamikaze wears off, the user crashes and suffers -1 Quickness and -1 Willpower for 10 x 1 D6 minutes. They must also resist 6M Stun with Body.

The repeated use of kamikaze has a destructive effect on the user's metabolism. On top of the likelihood of addiction, every four applications of the drug inflict an automatic wound effect, causing damage to the character's cyberware or bioware.



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