One Dose





Developed by Lone Star's R&D Division, jazz was designed to better the odds for run-of-the-mill law-enforcement officers who run up against wired and chromed street samurai. Designated as an "energizer," jazz significantly boosts the user's reflexes and reactions for a short period. Jazz users frequently suffer a crash period, and long-term users suffer brutal side effects.

Usually taken from a single-dose inhaler (or "popper"), jazz increases the user's Quickness by 2 (which can increase Reaction) and Initiative by + 1 D6. Jazz has a duration of 10 x 1D6 minutes. When jazz wears off, the user crashes and is flooded with despondent and miserable emotions. The user must resist 8L Stun damage with Body. Also apply a + 1 modifier to all tests involving concentration and a -1 penalty to Quickness for 10 x 1D6 minutes.



Combat drug

Man & Machine, page 119

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