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Popular among agricorps and sprawl residents, insecticides took on a new dimension when the Universal Brotherhood was exposed as a front for insect spirits and the subsequent bug explosion and quarantine in Chicago was reported. Though Chicago allegedly has been "cleaned out," almost every household has a decent stash of insecticide - just in case. Bug hunters have also developed a number of nasty insecticide-based weapons to aid in their extermination projects, including splash grenades and sprayguns.

Though insecticides are irritating to insect spirits and other creatures with Vulnerability (Insecticides), they are more of a nuisance than a danger. Large amounts, such as released from an insecticide spray tank or splash grenade, can have minor caustic effects (4L Physical damage). A creature so attacked is likely to either become enraged and go berserk (like a Bear shaman) or flee in pain and terror-both options are left to the gamemaster's discretion.

A weapon coated with insecticide that is used against a creature with Vulnerability (Insecticides) increases its Damage Level by one (from Moderate to Serious, for example). This effect also applies to insecticide-laden ELD-AR pellets. High concentrations of insecticide can be toxic to metahumans, and characters might be overcome by strong insecticide fumes. The exact effect is left up to the gamemaster.


Man & Machine, page 113

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