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A designer drug rumored to be made from awakened plants, Ghost is an inhalant that comes in a popper inhaler format. While under the influence of this drug, the user's aura becomes a bland, scrambled mess, completely unlike their normal aura. Oddly, this new aura is indistinguishable from the aura of anyone else on this drug, and offers no information to those assensing them beyond the obvious fact they are using the drug. Subjects tend to be more socially awkward while under the influence, due to the wildly swaying, unstable emotional state it causes. As the user begins to crash, the aura reverts back to normal, but the emotional roller-coaster takes one last dive with a powerful lack of inhibitions and self control.

Game Mechanics:
Duration: 1d6+essence hours, Damage: -, Addiction: 6M/4P, Tolerance: 2, Edge: 2/10, Fix Factor: 2 days
Disadvantage: While under the influence of this drug, the user suffers a -1 to charisma and a +1 to all TN's involving their charisma linked skills.
Crash: After the drug wears off, the user loses self control, and must succeed on willpower (6) tests to not act impulsively. GM discretion applies. This effect lasts for 12-Willpower hours (Minimum 1), or until another dose of this drug is consumed.
Special: Awakened users of this drug must immediately roll for magic loss. In addition, anyone addicted to this drug suffer social TN penalties as if their essence was 2, if they do not already.



Aura of drug user cannot be assensed or recognized.

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