Fuel-Air Explosive (FAE) Bomb



(Rating x2)D

Rating x (kg/50)

Rating^2 x 5





A fuel-air explosive (FAE) is a devastating weapon. A standard FAE bomb contains a mixture of highly volatile gases under pressure, with an ignition device. When triggered, the gas fuel is released, dispersing over a wide area in a fraction of a second. This cloud is then ignited, creating a powerful area-effect explosion. - FAEs are large bombs, requiring large amounts of fuel to cause extensive damage. Unlike other explosives, FAEs have a blast radium in which the Damage Code is a constant. The blast radius is equal to Rating x (kilograms / 50) in meters and the Damage Code is (Rating x 2)D throughout. Beyond this radius, the Power is reduced my -1/meter. The Blast in a Confined Space rule (SR3 119) does not apply to FAEs, but they use twice their Rating against barriers. - The Power of FAEs is reduced by impact armor. The detonator used to trigger a FAE bomb requires a bigger bang, and so costs twice as much as listed in SR3 283.

MM 112-113

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