Freeze Foam Solvent

Solvent (per liter)





This coats the target area with a sticky, thick, white foam that begins to harden almost immediately to a solid, dense consistency. Once hardened, the concretized foam restricts movement, though it does remain porous to reduce the risk of suffocation. The solid foam quickly breaks down over a period of hours and can be easily dissolved with a simple solvent. Freeze foam is used in trauma situations to immobilize broken limbs in protective casts. Riot police use it to incapacitate rioters and to construct foam barricades. Police versions of the foam typically include chemical stain markers that show up under ultraviolet light, so rioters can be identified later.

Medical-purpose freeze foam is dispensed through a handheld spray tank. Improvising characters can use the foam to create temporary restraining devices. Riot freeze foam is dispensed through a high-pressure water cannon. Conduct the water cannon attacks as normal. At the end of each Combat Turn, any character struck by the foam must make a Quickness Test against a Target Number of 4 plus the successes made on the attack. Characters who fail become immobilized. Solidified foam has a Barrier Rating of 12. This is reduced by 1D6 points an hour as the foam breaks down. Applying the solvent dissolves the foam immediately. The semi-permanent UV dye in riot freeze foam wears off after 1D6 days; scrubbing will not help.

Water cannon freeze foam tanks contain 100 liters (1 liter per "shot").

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