One Dose


10 + Cost of Chemical to Transfer



Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a utility chemical with a number of applications, though its most common use is as a carrier "that forces the skin to absorb delivered chemicals. DMSO is soluble in acetone, alcohol, ether and water; it is liquid at room temperature and is nonreactive with most other compounds. Upon contact with skin, DMSO, and whatever other compound is dissolved in solution with it, is instantly absorbed into the body.

Any chemical mixed with DMSO is deployable via the contact vector. Porous armor (such as armor clothing and Kevlar weaves) offers little protection against DMSO, as it soaks right through. Only individuals in fully sealed rigid armor or in protective suits specifically designed to protect against chemical/biological agents are immune to the penetrating effect of DMSO.

Mand & Machine, page 113

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