Dose for 100 cm2 application


1,000 per Dose



Dikote is a process that deposits a thin diamond film on any solid surface. The diamond film imparts more structural strength and resilience. Dikoted surfaces are smooth and relatively frictionless, conduct heat well and can be modified to conduct electricity.

Not everything can be glazed with Dikote. The item treated must be able to withstand the heat generated by the plasma used in the glazing process. Cloth and plastic cannot be coated, though ceramics and most metals can.

Dikoting a surface adds 2 to the Barrier Rating and 1 to any ballistic and impact armor. If used to coat a vehicle or drone, Dikote adds 1 to the vehicle's Body and Armor Ratings; it takes up no CF.

When Dikote is used to coat a melee, throwing or projectile weapon, add 1 to the Power of any attack made with the treated weapon. If applied to an edged instrument such as a sword, the weapon's Damage Level is also increased by one. For example, a sword that is normally (STR + 2)M would have a Damage Code of (STR + 3)S if Dikoted. Barriers use their normal ratings against Dikoted melee weapons (as opposed to the standard double ratings against melee attacks). Dikoting costs 1,000 nuyen per 100 square centimeters (minimum 1,000 nuyen cost).

Mand & Machine, page 111

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