One Dose


100 per day of release delay



Carcerands are molecular bodies whose structures resemble empty spheres. When created, small amounts of a compound may be trapped within them. The carcerand can then be injected, where it circulates through the organism's system, carrying the chemical. Carcerands are degraded by acids and enzymes within the target organism, and the trapped compound is slowly released into the organism's body. Depending on its composition, a carcerand can degrade as quickly as one hour or as slowly as one year after introduction.

Carcerands are used by those who need regular medication. Rather than taking a periodic shot or pill, they have carcerands injected every few months. Carcerands are also useful as persuasion devices-the target is injected with a toxin-carrying carcerand and forced to do something to receive the antidote in time.

Each carcerand has a delay period. This is the amount of time between when the carcerand is injected and when the compound it contains is released. Carcerands are not affected by blood filters. Prices for carcerands are based on their delay periods. They do not include the cost for the compounds the carcerands contain.

Mand & Machine, page 111

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