Blud-B-Gone ##Red|^^*^^##

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Problem blood stains that SCREAM or Stain-and-Wash can't get out? Try Blud-B-Gone. BBG's patented micro-organisms seek out and devour blood, breaking it down on the molecular level, reducing it to a clear, watery gel that can be wiped away, leaving no trace of the offending substance. Try Blud-B-Gone today!

Game Notes: Originally made for medical facilities, this substance has found its way into the shadows, as well as the local megamarket, albeit in a more diluted form. BBG breaks down blood, removing it entirely from any surface, leaving behind an inert gel with no DNA markers nor other traces of blood. It requires 20 Combat Turns (1 minute) to begin work, and another 300 Combat Turns (10 minutes) to complete its grisly work. 1 liter of Blud-B-Gone is required per pint of blood, or 3 liters of the commercial variety. Once BBG has been used, no trace of blood will be found via technological, organic, or magical means. Use of Luminol and similar substances on areas treated with Blud-B-Gone will cause the entire crime scene to fluoresce.

Denver Custom Item

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