Anabolic Steroids

One Dose





Mimicking the effects of testosterone, steroids are used to promote the growth of muscle tissue. Popular with athletes, body builders and samurai wannabes, steroids have a number of unpleasant side effects associated with long-term use.

When taken regularly in large doses and combined with muscle-building exercises, steroids can help to increase strength. Such a character can reduce the Karma cost for raising the Strength Attribute by half (round up) or the Body Attribute by a quarter (also round up). To obtain this bonus, the number of weeks of steroid use and exercise should equal the desired Attribute score.

Continued steroid use may result in adverse effects such as acne, hallucinations, aggressive behavior, hair loss, sterility, impotence, muscle spasms and hypertension-among others. Gamemasters can simulate these effects with appropriate Flaws or modifiers, or perhaps even with occasional Stress damage.


Assist strength build-up

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