One Dose


Rating x 500



Most acids are relatively mild; they are used as solvents and generate heat when mixed with water. Typically, it is dangerous to add water to acids, as it causes a reaction in which the acid might froth and splash the area. Mild acids may have some caustic effects on skin; they are particularly dangerous to eyes, and poisonous if taken internally. Stronger concentrated acids are more dangerous and can cause severe burns. They are highly corrosive, capable of dissolving metals and alloys. Acids must be kept in containers that will not corrode.

If handled properly, acids can be used for creative endeavors such as melting through locks and doors, etching walls or windows, and even as a weapon. Acid burns generate nasty scars and can be used to blind individuals.

For game purposes, each strong acid has a rating that indicates its strength and corrosive power. When applied as a corrosive to a barrier, compare the acid's rating to the Barrier Rating, as described under Barriers. The effect occurs at the end of that Combat Turn. A corrosive will continue to eat through a barrier for a number of Turns equal to its rating. This continued corrosion stops when the acid is washed off or a base is applied. Noxious fumes and smoke can be generated as an acid corrodes something; apply a +4 modifier to anyone in the area who could be affected.

If used as a weapon, a dose of acid inflicts (Rating)M Physical damage. Acid will severely damage worn gear, including armor. Reduce by 1 both the Ballistic and Impact values of any acid-stricken armor.

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