"Hm, curious. It's not what it seems to be."


In an awakened world like ours, life is a multitude of social expectations, law systems, and corporate regulations. Not to mention the impact of mystic powers which seem to interfere with our daily life in a strange and alien way, often even unnoticed by us. How do you stay on top and make sure that your legal rights and your private or corporate interests are respected, considered, and balanced?

Insight and understanding is the key; insight into what actually happens around you, and an understanding of why it happens. Private investigation is one of the most influential factors in present legal matters and help to support almost all major decision making processes.

Yin Detective Agency is a private investigation and law firm. We offer criminal investigations, information procurement, legal counselling and representation, and analysis of arcane or supernatural occurences. While we specialize on cases with awakened spiritual or magical aspects (e.g. arcane crimes or involvement of spirit powers), we also serve contracts from the wide range of private investigations or service of legal process.

Yin Detective Agency is run by Yin Li and free associates. It is licensed for the whole Denver FRTZ area. Please get in touch: »@mail Yin=My Case to Solve«.

Name Yin Li
Nationality undisclosed
Metatype human
Archetype arcane investigator, lawyer
Birthdate undisclosed
Eyes dark brown
Hair black
Ethnicity asian
Height 5'4" (163 cm)
Build slender
Cybernetics none
Fashion Business suit, casual or more formal.
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