The Varangian


The Varangian is a woman of fairly impressive physique, standing tall and with an athletic build. She has long, dark brown hair with pronounced, dark eyebrows and eyes of a deep and very obviously augmented violet. She isn't an unattractive woman, but her violent profession has left scars on both her mind and body. She has a broken eyebrow, a scarred lip, a cut from a monowire across her chest and numerous scars from old gunshot wounds over her body. There are patches of synthetic skin along her temple, and a hexagonal metal plate is grafted to the back of her head, with visible connections running down the top of the spine to eventually disappear underneath the skin. A datajack and numerous chipjack slots are grafted behind her ear, along with a small LED light. All those old battle wounds and cyberware makes her look unfriendly but she also tends to have an aloof and serious demeanour, although this might just be her living up to an East Slavic stereotype. She seems to take fitness rather seriously, since she has a preference for comfortable but stylish sportwear like leggings, windbreaker jackets and wrist sweatbands.


The Varangian is a fairly well-established Shadowrunner in Denver. She's known for being a crack shot with long guns and frequently provides sniper/marksman support for her team. Her paramilitary background has also drilled her into a tactical mindset and often participates actively in pre-op planning, provides tactical analysis on the fly while in the field, and is quite firm on radio discipline while running. Her greatest asset as a team member, however, might be her enormous range of practical skills due to her Skillwire implants, allowing her to master just about any skill instantly. She's known to confidently operate vehicles, heavy weapons, parachutes and scuba gear, electronics, and has even done a bit of decking on her own. At her core, though, Varangian is a soldier for hire.

Services (Shadowrunning)

Long-range marksmanship
Extraction (Material / Personnel)
Personnel protection
Physical reconnaissance
Non-lethal application

Name Ірина Василенко Iryna Vasylenko
AKA Miss Violet, the Varangian, V
Nationality Free City of Constantinople
Metatype Human
Archetype Mercenary
Birthdate Unknown
Eyes Violet
Hair Dark brown
Ethnicity Slavic
Height 6'2" / 188cm
Build Athletic
Cybernetics Skillwires, Cybereyes, combat implants
Fashion Sportswear / Militaristic garb
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>>> [Excellent sharpshooter. Hell of an acrobat too, and she kicks -really- hard.]
- Walker (21:43:05/26-06-2080)
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