Dancer, Fixer, Face

Plot Hooks

"You got this 'feet don't quite touch the ground thing' going, if you know what I mean?"

A Fresh Face

Sylvia has only recently arrived in Denver, and she's trying to establish contacts in the shadowscene while working a dayjob (or nightjob, as it were) as a stripper. She's looking to use the job as cover for breaking into fixing, taking names and building a new network of contacts under the guise of private sessions - but she's also interested in putting her new 'ware and her charm to use in a more thrill-seeking manner, learning the art of infiltration.


"Working girl?" "More of a professional exhibitionist."

Showing Off - More than just a professional hoop-shaker, Sylvia shows every sign of a lifetime training in dance. She's limber, even for an elf, and she has a knack for making herself eye-catching with her ability to change her hair and eye coloration and skin to suit her mood.

Sharp Wits - Sylvia's clearly more clever than she needs to be to work the stage. She's almost definitely got some help upstairs in terms of 'ware - and she's quicker on the draw than most, conversationally and otherwise.

Sweet Talk - Sylvia is a charmer and a talker, a social chameleon that can make friends and slot in from the 'rens to corpsec. Being fluent in nearly a dozen languages only helps.

Hidden Talents - Spending most of her time flaunting her assets (cybernetic and otherwise) makes it easier for Sylvia to avoid notice when she dials it down - and her 'ware makes disguising herself a relatively easy matter. What she's less known for is near-perfect ambidexterity, or being a half-decent shot with a handgun.

Name Sylvia Stover
AKA Syl, Various
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Elf
Archetype Fixer
Birthdate May 28, 2060
Eyes Various
Hair Various
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'6"
Build Slim & Curvy
Cybernetics Datajack, Cybereyes, Fiberoptic Hair, Skinware?
Fashion Joygirl Chic
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