Mr. Swaggy

"It wasn't me!"

One of the newer faces in town. Fixer of situations, social engineer, handler, gobetween, perception manager, gear getter, information broker. He brings that unmistakably Old World touch, whether it is high class, party animal, or Russian mobster. Mr. Swaggy allegedly knows enough people to rapid call for a week and not redial once.

Distinguishing Features

  • See box to the right.
  • Ridiculously customized and blinged handguns.

Mannerisms and Habits

  • Over the top. He likes to ham it up.
  • Smokes and drinks frequently.
  • Recreational drug user.
  • He is a social animal and comfortable in a range of environments.
  • Very confident.
  • Insists on being called Mr. Swaggy.


  • He can be found about everywhere.
  • Many. Not kidding.
  • He must have actual ties to the Vory. The real deal.
  • He often has muscle with him. His personal entourage.
  • Repeatedly seen with seasoned and top runners.


  • See the header.
  • Some shooting.
  • Unsubstantiated magic use. Is it him or others magicking for him?
  • Breaking through military grade communications lockdown.
  • Just when you think he is out of options, he has one more to call, one more ace up his sleeve.
  • Balls of titanium.


Mr. Swaggy has to be a Euro. He brings that bearing, class, provenance, voice, and savvy which NuYen can not buy, if he wants to, too. There are a handful of vague rumors that he was involved in some very high profile jobs as a 'runner, not a Johnson or fixer.

Name Mr. Swaggy
AKA Mr. Swaggy, various expletives, Elf, Swagg, Swagmeister
Nationality Russian/French
Metatype Human(Homo Sapiens Swagicus)
Archetype Fixer
Birthdate Early Thirties by looks
Eyes Typically dark
Hair Bald with dark brown brows and lashes
Ethnicity Predominantly Slavic mixed European
Height 5'10"
Build Average
Cybernetics Cybernetic eye replacements and others.
Fashion Eclectic mix of expensive clothes, flexx wear to classic chique, fur coats in various styles.
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>>> [This one has implants. Eyes and other strange things. The spirits do not lie. ]]
- [ProvoLoner ] ([ 10:10:13/4-19-2080 ])
>>> [[ »»Breaking the silence here. Drek the frag, is what not THAT bad, so ka? It was last October. A night that was a hell of a night. Literal hell in Aurora. Freaks showing left and right, mutating randomly, storm, lightning, water from the sky, fires, cold, ice, smoke. In that mana fragging storm was a war. I tell you I have seen it with my own eyes! Soldiers in big armor, guns, explosions. Drek you have not seen since the late Fifties. My mom told me about that drek. Enter some drek hot vector craft or next level helo from the future, so ka! It pours this group of shooty guys who drive back a fragging HORDE of corporate fuckers pounding the ever living drek out of some other fraggers in big armors. The guy in charge of the incoming guys was this here man. They have the guys in big armors evac in the futuretech ufo. Some fuckers run away. Get this. Through the drekking lightning and all the fire and brimstone shit! He chases them. ««]]
- [#Warrens404] ([ 22:22:22/05-06-2080 ])
>>> [[»» Fuck you. Tell us more? You don't got the scope, that's what. That night. That drekking night of hell. This here man has been all over the Warrens, seeing and being seen, talking the fraggin' talk. Some of the most secret fucks in all of Mile High, some bigtimers with serious power. Execs. He walked out of that storm unharmed. Frag my life. The street has it he got most asses in the storm helped that night, too.««]]
- [NosyAlec] ([ xx:yy:zz/6-02-2080])
>>> [[»» That is him? Meattalk, it is. That hellish night? There was some hundred people huddled up in the old laundromat. He saved everybody from getting Swiss cheesed by those corporate killfraggers.««]]
- [LaundrOCD - Bleaching everything since 2042!] ([20:12:14/6-09-2080])
>>> [»»This drekhead has a serious obsession with school buses!««]
- [ The Road Runner ] ([ 03:23:54/xx-yy-zzzz ])
>>> [[Great Dagon, if I have to hear that fragging Swag-mart jingle one more time!!!1one!!]]
- [Donny Silvereyes -If the Old Ones don't get you, I will!] ([15:12:37/10-25-2080])
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